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Lana 05-07-2005 12:59

Unlocker v1.5.1 released
Unlocker v1.5.1 released [freeware]

Unlocker is an explorer extension that allows you with a simple right-click of the mouse on a file or folder to get rid of error message such as error deleting file or folder, cannot delete folder: it is used by another person or program.

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP




baatazu 05-07-2005 14:54

Doesnt work for me. I have an EXE running and I tried to delete it while its running. I got the Access Denied msg. So I tried using Unlocker and it says:

Unlocker 1.5.1
No locking handle found

Windows XP Pro English.

k2k2000 05-08-2005 08:50

this prog is for delleting ,files and folders used by running program.
not to delete the running program itself

MaRKuS-DJM 05-08-2005 22:02

btw, why do you want to delete running programs?

baatazu 05-09-2005 02:39

I have a program that runs remotely from a server to 50 to 120 pcs. When I want to update the software I have to wait when nobody's running the prog. I couldnt find a way/util to overwrite the exe because its already in use. The only way is to reboot the server and then I can put the new exe. Do you have any good idea for that?

ricnar456 05-09-2005 05:48

works perfect for me, i have a file impossible to delete (always is in use and never program are using really) and with this program i can delete easily.


Lana 05-09-2005 07:29

This works great, before I used an app called, Gipo@FileUtilities, but it required me to reboot in order to delete a locked file...but this can do it immediately for me. =)

Andromeda 05-09-2005 10:47

Yes, I need this program, too. Thank's, Lana.
Sometimes, when working with so many program, file(s) or folder(s) can't delete with warning "used by another program", which actually already closed. I hate those situation, and most of them I restart the computer. This one is time saving! Appreciated the info...

xtiaoshi 05-09-2005 18:01

1.5.2 released


k2k2000 05-10-2005 19:29

version 1.6

# Change Log

Unlocker 1.6 - 09/05/2005

- DLLs locked by processes are now listed
- DLLs locked by processes can be unloaded. This make of Unlocker a very useful tool against viruses, trojan and worms that attach DLLs to processes to be invisible. Again I strongly advise to be extremely careful with this functionnality
- Window position and columns sizes are now remembered by Unlocker. Thanks to Michael for the suggestion
- Hovering tooltip displayed when content do not fit in a column. Thanks to Michael for the suggestion
- Changed back to MEW since WinUPack is wrongfully detected as a virus by poor anti-viruses such as McAfee. Unlocker will never contain any virus and it is a shame that McAfee is not able to unpack files packed with WinUPack, and properly unacceptable for a professional tool. Generally speaking if you have any doubt about a file you can submit a file to be scanned by several anti-viruses Virus Total and Jotti VirusScan. Those sites do not install anything on your machine, you just submit a file to them and they scan it by over 13 different anti-viruses. Thanks to all users who had problems for their support

stevematulis 05-10-2005 19:42


Originally Posted by baatazu
I have a program that runs remotely from a server to 50 to 120 pcs. When I want to update the software I have to wait when nobody's running the prog. I couldnt find a way/util to overwrite the exe because its already in use. The only way is to reboot the server and then I can put the new exe. Do you have any good idea for that?

Not a lot you can do in this situation.. programs that feature auto-update functionality do so in a staged (2 step) way. First, DL new version, then updater exe tells old version (or itself, if update is self-contained) to exit, updates it, then re-runs external app to restart app.

Maybe you can just do the ol' rename trick, provided you have the replacement exe handy? rename current -> old, new -> current ..


ILCH 05-11-2005 04:41

Great Tool !!!

Works perfect for me !!!

v1.61 is Out
Unlocker 1.6.1 - 10/05/2005

- Filtered modules locked by processes to only list DLLs
- Unlocker.exe is not packed anymore. Since even MEW was reported as a false positives with poor products such as Norman anti-virus and BOClean anti-trojan. Sad but true

Full history see here:


NeOXOeN 05-11-2005 05:22

Thx for tool ..works for me too ..source code would be nice :P


wer 05-16-2005 12:52

Unlocker 1.6.2 - 14/05/2005

- Fixed a bug when Unlocker was passed an old dos type path as a parameter
- Added some more error messages for privileges settings. More informations in the FAQ. Thanks to Vidziu for his help while debugging
- Reduced executable size from 72KB to 56.5KB


duseng 07-13-2005 19:51

NEw Version Out:

Unlocker 1.6.6 - 11/07/2005

- Added option to move/rename the object Unlocked instead of just deleting it. Thanks to Michael for the suggestion
- Fixed a bug which could cause a reboot. Thanks to Khadhrawi Mohammad for his help while debugging
- Fixed a slown down during the parsing of all system handles. Unlocker should now be as fast as versions prior to 1.6.3 since the slowdown appeared in 1.6.3
- Fixed the slow automatic update. Thanks to Raphael Fetzer for reporting the issue
- Added Chinese Traditional language thanks to Jiun-Liang Lin for the translation
- Added Slovak language thanks to Emperror for the translation
- Added Dutch language thanks to Frank Rijnders for the translation

Unlocker 1.6.5 - 28/06/2005

- Added German language thanks to Raphael Fetzer for the translation
- Added Italian language thanks to Marco D'Amato for the translation
- Fixed missing characters in Japanese version
- Reduced executable size from 68.5KB to 56.5KB, since the executable had grown in size after new features and new languages
- Added automatic check for updates every time Unlocker is started. If a new version has been released Unlocker will inform you only once about it. This can be turned off during the installation in the components section. This will require Unlocker to connect to the internet every time it checks for a new version. For those curious Unlocker is only sending "GET /unlocker/version.txt HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: ccollomb.free.fr\r\n" and nothing else. Thanks to Jean-Paul Chavant and Osman Zeki for the suggestion.

Unlocker 1.6.4 - 15/06/2005

- Due to popular demand, I have added support for other languages. Unlocker is now available in Chinese (Simplified), English, French and Japanese. Thanks to Chen Xi Yang for the Chinese translation. Thanks to Takahiko Nishio and Taeko Tanaka both from the Windows 100% Japanese magazine for the Japanese translation. French translation done by me since I am French :)

Unlocker 1.6.3 - 30/05/2005

- Added a tab-stop on the handles list. Thanks to Michael D. Lawler for the suggestion
- Added a check-box to delete file or folder after unlocking its handles
- Added a button to kill processes when unlocking handles is not enough to delete a file such as C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\index.dat
- Fixed a bug causing Unlocker to hang when a DLL can not be Unloaded such as wininet.dll for example


bunion 07-15-2005 11:49

Love this tool..its the biz for deleting locked processes like adware etc..


netxman 07-17-2005 01:15

Too much CPU useness when it running.

xtiaoshi 07-26-2005 14:31

Unlocker 1.6.7 - 25/07/2005

- The explorer extension has now its own section and has an icon
- Fixed the the W2K bug for the default association of some file types
- Fixed the multiple selection bug, now only one instance of Unlocker is launched dealing with all selected items at once
- Improved behavior for renaming/moving, the name or destination path are now asked when selecting the action
- Improved UI for renaming: Default button is OK and the focus is set on the text
- Added a list mode to Unlock many items at once from the command line. The syntax is: unlocker.exe listfilename /L (or -L) and it will unlock all the files listed in listfilename



xtiaoshi 08-09-2005 04:43

Unlocker 1.7.0 - 08/08/2005

- New functionality: help deleting, renaming and moving objects even if no handle exist. If previous versions of Unlocker only told you "No locking handle found", this new version should help you solve your problems
- New functionality: Short/Long/UNC name file deleting, renaming and moving operations to delete badly named objects. If you do not know what I am talking about, run this batch file and try to delete the folders created at the root of the C: drive without Unlocker and you will understand :D
- New functionality: delete, rename, move on next boot
- New functionality: improved delete. Now C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies\index.dat can be deleted without killing processes
- Improved UI: the webpage link of the update alert is clickable now
- Improved UI: items can be sorted when clicking the listview columns titles
- New Language: Estonian thanks to Mihkel Tonnov for the translation
- New Language: Spanish thanks to Javier L. for the translation
- Fixed bug: the explorer extension does not use msvcrt71.dll anymore since it is not installed by default
- Fixed bug: multiple selection delete and move should work now



TheMadGuy 08-23-2005 13:46

Unlocker 1.7.1 - 22/08/2005:
  • Improved UI: Windows XP themes support
  • Improved UI: Minor tweaks such as displaying version number, auto-sizing buttons, etc.
  • New Language: Russian thanks to Dmitry Yerokhin for the translation
  • New Language: Danish thanks to Kian Andersen for the translation
  • New Language: Hungarian thanks to DirektX for the translation
  • New Language: Polish thanks to Marcin Wawer for the translation
  • Fixed bug: shell extension and all internals are in unicode now
  • Fixed bug: the window should always be visible now


The Mad Guy

romanich 09-14-2005 16:04


Originally Posted by baatazu
I have a program that runs remotely from a server to 50 to 120 pcs. When I want to update the software I have to wait when nobody's running the prog. I couldnt find a way/util to overwrite the exe because its already in use. The only way is to reboot the server and then I can put the new exe. Do you have any good idea for that?

As stevematulis said, renaming the current file should work. However, in my experience, this doesn't always work, and I haven't been able to determine the difference in cases when it works and when it doesn't. I used this trick in a commercial software that needed to update files on remote nodes. The last time I checked (several years ago), MSI used the same trick, and I noticed that it also dealth with these two cases. When renaming didn't work, it marked files for move on next reboot.

TheMadGuy 09-21-2005 21:53

And another update:

Unlocker 1.7.2 - 19/09/2005
  • New Language: Bulgarian thanks to RDPK7 for the translation
  • New Language: replaced Danish thanks to Hoder Balder Marcus Jensen for the translation
  • New Language: Ukrainian thanks to Oleksandr 'FLAGER' Sokolnik for the translation
  • New Language: Hebrew thanks to Ilya Dan for the translation
  • Fixed bug: fixed a bug which could cause problem while uninstalling the device driver
  • Fixed bug: fixed bugs which could cause Unlocker to crash



The Mad Guy

Peter[Pan] 09-22-2005 07:59

Agreed its one of the best apps ive used for that pesky access trash :) however do we need a new post every new version ? the website is posted multiple times now.

Thanks for the initial link however :)

wer 10-06-2005 07:04

Unlocker 1.7.3 - 01/10/2005

- New Language: Serbian thanks to Ozzii for the translation
- New Language: Thai thanks to Pruthisith Prateepavanich for the translation
- New Language: Greek thanks to Vassilis Mpinakis for the translation
- New Language: Czech thanks to Toma Bendasek for the translation
- New Language: Romanian thanks to Rhadoo for the translation
- New Language: Turkish thanks to Ercan Gulme for the translation
- Fixed bug: fixed an explorer extension bug which listed Unlocker on "My computer" and "Recycle bin"
- Fixed bug: fixed an explorer extension bug which listed Unlocker several times on shortcuts

There will be no release for at least 3 weeks since I am going for 3 weeks of holidays in China.
I will not check my emails there, so if you email me you will have to be patient.


hacnho 12-19-2005 12:37

Unlocker 1.7.6 - 17/12/2005

- New language: Arabic thanks to Abdullah-Ali
- New language: Catalan thanks to David Rodriguez Teba
- New language: Croatian thanks to Tomislav Tomecic
- New language: Persian thanks to Mohammad Ali 'Profesor' Mokhtari
- New language: Swedish thanks to Konrad Viltersten
- Changed the way the driver is loaded to reduce the problems linked with services
- Improved installer comparing the MD5 of UnlockerCOM.dll if already installed to eliminate unecessary reboots

As a side note, this release was long due, but I am very busy at the moment with the game I am working on: Black.
The next thing I plan to work on is a x64 version.

MD5: d006f005394b4ee5cf0fdf36fa3e3ddf / SHA1: ae1bd90728ed0082683059842072af1e3c1d3936


xtiaoshi 01-08-2006 10:17

Unlocker 1.7.7 - 07/01/2006

- New language: Albanian thanks to Egzon Beqa
- New language: Bosnian thanks to Adis Imamovich
- Improved code: Reduced Unlocker.exe from 112.5KB to 72.5KB and reduced UnlockerCOM.dll from 42.5KB to 9KB. You might need to uninstall the previous version and reboot so that to update UnlockerCOM.dll.

MD5: 1384a992e805c1058df3bbc9d034ff1b /
SHA1: 6241f7527aa7ce5888f432601f1d031f7e92298a


GPcH 01-09-2006 08:21

Nice tool! Big thanx to author :)

zonghan 01-21-2006 23:11


Unlocker 1.7.8 - 21/01/2006

- New language: Slovenian thanks to Aleksander 'Quattro' Hropot
- Improved code: Unlocker is now much faster to list handles and to appear. Between 2x and 30x faster depending on the situation. Thanks to schwit for reporting the problem and testing my fixes
- Improved code: Rewrote part of the driver
- Fixed bug: Some processes and their handles were missing depending on their accessing rights, this is fixed now, and ZoneAlarm temporary files handles appear in Unlocker for example. Again thanks to schwit for reporting the problem and testing my fixes
- Fixed bug: If a cd or dvd was removed and a handle was existing, an annoying explorer dialog box would appear and the handle could not be listed
- Fixed bug: Miscellaneous buffers bugs

MD5: ae30d99f891ceeba08e855774f43e641 / SHA1: 8f5222901cc27b702b4413744af6961d970821b3

The Old Pirate 02-10-2006 03:00

Unlocker 1.7.9 - 04/02/2006

- Improved Installer: Now Unlocker should install well over the previous version without needing to reboot
- New functionality: Unlocker -H or Unlocker -? shows the command line usage
- New functionality: Command line option to generate a log of handles found on a given file
- Fixed bug: Fixed a potential page fault bug in UnlockerDriver5.sys
- Fixed bug: Fixed a bug which caused the locked dll not to appear when right clicking on the root of a drive

MD5: 24aa18122415009224bcc697eb1b1c17 / SHA1: d9aae2a38afbd8e37eec5f64c3068349ba76cb52



I found some bugs in polish translation in Unlocker v1.7.9:


at 0x54F8 there is a string 7A61626C6B6F6B6F77616E65676F that should be 7A61626C6F6B6F77616E65676F


0x54F0 A6 should be 8C
0x5518 A6 should be 8C
0x557E BC should be 9F
0x5684 BC should be 9F
0x56BB BC should be 9F
0x56F2 B6 should be 9C
0x56F3 63 shoold be E6
0x5906 B6 should be 9C

If author is here, please fix that ;)

alex 02-19-2006 04:56

Unlocker 1.8.0 - 18/02/2006
- New feature: Unlocker Assistant. Unlocker Assistant stays in your system tray bar and automatically launches Unlocker if you are trying to delete/rename/move a file that is locked. So for those who use Unlocker Assistant, no need to right click files or folders anymore. This feature can be deactivated during the install.
- New language: Indonesian thanks to Edi Gunawan Liu

alex 03-03-2006 20:16

Unlocker 1.8.1 - 03/03/2006
- Fixed bug: Unlocker Assistant closed or potentially crashed explorer. Thanks to Jean-Philippe Mistrot for his patience while testing.
- Fixed bug: Unlocker Assistant launched Unlocker when trying to overwrite a file or folder.
- Fixed bug: Unlocker missed handles at the root of a mapped hard drive.
- Fixed bug: Unlocker failed to list handles on drives that do not allow to create files.
- Fixed bug: Unlocker leaked Icon GDI objects.
- Fixed language: Japanese and Polish languages had character corruptions. Thanks to Catbaron and Keblo for pointing it out.

The Old Pirate 04-29-2006 21:33

Unlocker 1.8.2 - 29/04/2006

- Fixed bug: Unlocker Assistant closed or potentially crashed explorer on W2K SP4.
- Fixed language: Japanese had more character corruptions.


manga 05-07-2006 15:02

Unlocker 1.8.3


Changes in 1.8.3:
*New feature: Unlocker Assistant icon can be hidden from the notification area.
* Improved UI: Better error message in case there is a conflict with Unlocker Assistant.
* Fixed bug: UNC and network paths should now work as intended.
* Fixed bug: Strong delete works again. This bug appeared in version 1.7.7. Index.dat and many more should be deleted without rebooting as before now.
* Fixed bug: Unlocker Assistant will detect if it is already running and will only run one instance.
* Fixed bug: Unlocker Assistant will detect if there a program conflicting and properly exit.

xtiaoshi 08-24-2006 22:12

Unlocker 1.8.4

Latest changes:
- New language: Belarusian thanks to Aleg Azarousky
- New feature: Access to Delete / Rename / Move options from command line
- Improved behavior: Power users do not need rights to modify registry anymore to run Unlocker as long as Unlocker was installed by an administrator on the machine
- Fixed bug: Renaming now works again.
- Fixed bug: Renaming and Moving on boot now work again.


xtiaoshi 09-07-2006 17:19

Unlocker 1.8.5

Unlocker 1.8.5 - 07/09/2006

- New feature: Copy locked file. There is a new drop entry in the drop down menu which allow you to copy a file which has a handle opened. Very useful to copy .ncb files opened by Visual Studio for example.
- Improved UI: Unlocker Assistant is now multilanguage. Thanks to RDPK7 (Bulgarian), Jiun-Liang Lin (Chinese traditional), Toma Bendasek (Czech), Hoder Balder Marcus Jensen (Danish), Raphael Fetzer (German), Javier L. (Spanish), Tuukka Rantala (Finnish), Ilya Dan (Hebrew), DirektX (Hungarian), Marco D'Amato (Italian), Catbaron (Japanese), Dae-Seok Kim and Kim JaeGeun (Korean), Tommy Skaue (Norwegian), Marcin Wawer (Polish), Rhadoo (Romanian), Dmitry Yerokhin (Russian), Emperror (Slovak), Egzon Beqa (Albanian), Pruthisith Prateepavanich (Thai), Aleg Azarousky (Belarusian), Aleksander 'Quattro' Hropot (Slovenian), Igor Gubaidulin (Lithuanian), Ozzii (Serbian), Adis Imamovich (Bosnian)
- Fixed bug: Denied access issue when selecting several files.
- Fixed UI: Fixed many languages problems.


xtiaoshi 02-28-2008 17:40

Unlocker 1.8.6



c4p0ne 02-28-2008 19:08

This is handy when dealing with some forms of malware that have infiltrated machine running windows.

xtiaoshi 03-01-2008 15:06

Unlocker 1.8.6 - 29/02/2008

Change Log

- Fixed bug: Delete, move and rename should work better now.
- Fixed bug: Non DLL handles are now listed properly on Vista.
- Fixed bug: List files are compatible with Total Commander again. This bug appeared in version 1.7.7. Thanks to Icfu for spotting it.
- Improved behavior: The executable includes a manifest for better Vista compatibility.
- Promotional feature: Added fully optional shortcuts to eBay during the installation. Simply untick "eBay shortcuts" in the choose components page during install if you do not wish to have those.

Some clever website scouts spread an unfinished version yesterday, this is the real release version.


MD5: 6eaf3ca1509717595bec4536e692222b / SHA1: 710054af0c28b7c62a828052c0e880b123eb4836

canopus 10-27-2009 03:52

Unlocker 1.8.8


- Improved behavior: Improved the way DLLs are unloaded.
- Promotional feature: Added fully optional shortcuts to eBay during the installation. Simply untick "eBay shortcuts" in the choose components page during install if you do not wish to have those.



4st0ne 10-27-2009 15:21

good tool....tks for sharing..

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