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WTM Copy Protection v2.31 Cracked

CD, DVD, BD and USB Flash Drive/Disc Copy Protection Software
With Viewer, Image and Photo Protection

Worried about piracy? Need a good software copy protection measure? It is highly essential to protect your data today. You need your work to be saved and protected against accidental deletion and corruption. If you are looking for easy to use, simple and effective CD protection then look no further. Allow WTM CD Protect to handle this for you.

With the WTM software, you will find answers to all your problems related to CD copy protection, video CD protection, data CD protection, and music CD protection amongst others, to make your work easy to access and at the same time, well protected against copying and duplication.

Copy protection is vital for any organization and individual who wants to preserve their investment. In protecting this, USB Flash Drive Copy Protection plays a significant and efficient role. USB Flash Drive Copy Protection includes the ability to copy and crypt all types of data namely pdf, doc, xls, txt, pps, psd, xml, exe, scr and so on, thus giving enhanced and efficient digital rights management for users. This is done using the USB hardware key of USB flash drives. USB Flash Drive Copy Protection is an efficient tool that balances ease of deployment, ease of customer use and adequate security.

When we say copy protection, we mean that there will be no illegal and fraudulent copying of the data contained in the CD. Although there are copyright laws in existence today, this is a much-needed requirement. CD duplication and piracy is a rampant business and you are well within your rights to ask for video protection, CD copy protection, data protection, copy protection for important and sensitive data. It goes without saying that unauthorized copying can cause untold harm to the business in question or even to your personal information.

DVD Protection with the File Protection Tool is an easy-to-use tool that applies the concept to the file system of the DVD and thereby hides or embeds a file by encrypting the same. This results in giving an effective and efficient protection to the DVD. This efficient tool helps you keep the privacy of sensitive files by encrypting them using powerful encryption technology. This powerful professional DVD Protection with the File Protection Tool thus gives absolute enhanced protection to any digital information present on your DVDs.


Why not WTM? WTM CD Protect will give you the required protection against illegal copies. You will have copy protection for you music, videos, and most importantly, for your sensitive and confidential business data. Here you get a protection system that is strong, easy to use and very effective against tampering of any kind.

Advantages of WTM CD PROTECT

Ease of use: The WTM CD Protect software has a user-friendly interface that requires no expert technical know-how for operation. It is extremely easy to navigate and use.

Flexibility: The protection system is flexible enough for you to tailor it as per your needs. You can customize the software based on your exact requirements.

Secure: The CD Protection software is thoroughly tested to give you the highest level of security for your records.

WTM CD Protect is a powerful multilevel protection solution targeted at providing professional protection. It requires no extra cost in terms of time, effort and maintenance.

WTM has CD protect programs to suit every need.

Did you know that a CD protect software operates keeping in mind direct coding on a CD-ROM? Once the CD has been given this protection, trying to read the CD will result in the CD master giving unreadable sector messages and the copying process will be stopped. Copy protection will not allow copying to a blank CD.
USB Flash Drive Copy Protection is an efficient tool that has an effective balance of deployment, customer usage and security.
Reliability and support are the major factors needed for any copy protection tool as any organization which purchases a copy protection tool for their products without these attributes are at higher rate of risks than an ineffective copy protection tool. USB Flash Drive Copy Protection handles this effectively as reliability and support are the two major factors which are of vital importance in this tool.
USB Flash Drive Copy Protection has the ability to protect software, PDF documents and a wide range of additional file formats namely doc, xls, txt, pps, psd, xml, exe, scr and so on.
USB Flash Drive Copy Protection gives enhanced security to data and applications as they are copy protected so anyone not authorized simply cannot copy the files from that drive.

Opt for WTM CD Protect for all your protection needs. If you are not already convinced, we have a test version for you available absolutely FREE. Try it out.



Download Link : 1.44 MB

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Well, magic_h2001 has been released the working crack for v1.91 & v1.96 of this progie on year 2005. After long time waiting AnTiCDLoCK from Under SEH Team released the up to date working loader. Below is taken from them.

Under SEH Team Proudly Presents

WTM Copy Protection 2.x

Release Type: Loader

Release Date: 2008/07

Release Size: 7 KB

Protection: ASPr

Cracker: AnTiCDLoCK

Software Website:


Download release:









NJoy another perfect release by AnTiCDLoCK - Under SEH Team



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