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Old 08-22-2003, 02:44
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TrID - File Identifier v1.23


Maybe this could be of some use to someone.
It's a "general" file identifier (not specific for EXE files, and not particular smart with executables), based on a library of XML definitions with recurring patterns.

Currenty it support over 550 different file types.
Here's a list:

And here's the home page for TrID:

With the TrIDScan module you could easyly produce new defs for new/unknowed file types; simply run it against a bunch of files of that type, and it will automatically scan for recurring patterns.
If you make some new def, mail them to me and I will quickly add them to the list, giving proper credits on the list page.


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Old 08-22-2003, 05:55
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Useful program. Thanks.

However, I'd remove those links, or make them non-clickable, before JMI drops by....
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Old 08-22-2003, 07:37
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Actually, JMI dropped by this morning and reviewed the links. Although, generally, I attempt to prevent ALL clickable links out of basic principle, these are to MarkO's own site and for something he apparently made. The argument against clickable links is that some people are simply too stupid not to post direct links to software makers whose products they want someone to crack for them. Aside from that issue, they aren't really that important (such as to tool sites). If people would pay attention and observe that rule, there would be no need to attempt to prohibit the correct and useful ones.

Although it would have been more consistent to have them as an attachment, and therefore no clickable link, they are not essentially different from an email link to a member. In this limited circumstance, I though I'd just let it slide, this one time.

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Old 08-22-2003, 16:07
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Sorry guys, my fault!

I have checked the FAQ, before posting, but found nothing about attaches or direct-links. BTW, yes, the website is mine.

I hope to have not created problems, next time I surely provide the attachment.

and sorry again.

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Old 08-22-2003, 19:24
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Cheers Mark0

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Old 08-23-2003, 17:51
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Thanks for sharing your tool

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Old 08-29-2003, 18:12
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Here's a early(-early!) beta of a GUI version, if someone want to try (only 7KB to download). It require the .NET Framework.

For now the .EXE scan for defs only in the current dir, so you better put it on the same dir where you put the command line ver. of TrID.
Obviously, the defs will be loaded only the first time; next analysis are instant. Off course you can rescan the def library in any time.

Here's the link for TrID.NET:
h**p://mark0.ngi.it/download/tridnet_beta.zip (7KB)

Here's the links for TrID (with all the defs, over 570 now!):
h**p://mark0.ngi.it/download/trid_w32.zip (354KB)
h**p://mark0.ngi.it/download/trid_w32.rar (117KB)


Edit: corrected some sign of my terrible written english skills! I'm sure there are many others!

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Old 09-23-2003, 15:52
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TrIDNet 1.0

I released a v1.0 of TrIDNet.

Here's the donwload link:
h**p://mark0.ngi.it/download/trid_net.zip (28KB)

And the home:

Thanks to who have sent me some defs!

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