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Sn!per X 11-28-2015 00:02

[Delphi] Loader shows how to patch PE protected with ASLR
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This is my first topic here in exetools, so i would like to contribute
with a delphi source code that shows how to deal with ASLR:

  This code is part of AT4RE Patcher by Agmcz and Sn!per X ^ AT4RE.
Additional code (Get4ByteAlignedContext) coded by testest.

Release Info:
*  An example delphi loader that shows how to patch a PE file
  protected with Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).
  both x32, x64 PE Files are supported.
* Chimera#01 Challenge by naquadria are included as examples.
* Make sure to compile the loader64.dpr with a 64bit version of delphi.



C/C++ Source:


Insid3Code 11-28-2015 00:33

Welcome my friend!, hope you enjoy your stay...
Can you update your Delphi source to support also (wow64) ?

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