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ahmadmansoor 05-21-2014 06:45

x64_dbg Plugins
this version 1.0 for this plugins of a very promotion debugger on x64 platform .
maybe it have a bug so ( bug report is welcome )
maybe it need more prove and this is welcome too
what's :
it has Go To API Dialog with Auto load for all Symbol for all loaded module .
command line = gtd
hex dialog to make it easy for edit hex dump window .
command line = Hexeditor
Hexeditor address,size to read

or u can get them from the menu it is more easy .

just note : in hex dialog to change the address or the size
just enter the address then press enter and same for size
button Update just done if u change the value in the dataGrid.

Coded by Ahmadmansoor with alot of help from mr.exodia :cool: .

this is new update

cxj98 05-21-2014 08:00

you don't tell how those files put in which direction? all copy to x64dbg.exe same folder or create a new plugin folder?

mr.exodia 05-21-2014 08:27

@cxj98: http://mrexodia.cf/x64hlp/scr/Plugins.htm


ahmadmansoor 05-21-2014 08:29

Hi I think mrexodia answer u .
put please download the file again I have update it ,it was have a bug .
must be putten in a folder ((plugins)) inside x64_dbg folder .
Thanks for trying

cxj98 05-21-2014 08:38

thanks, but do you have plugin for x32_dbg

quygia128 05-26-2014 18:21

hi Mr.eXoDia,
Few day ago i tries to code a plugin for x64_dbg(32 bit before) but it's unsuccess, i'm also saw your sample plugin(plugintest_002), seem your sdk doesn't work if you build with GCC(CodeBlock-LoadLibraryA unsuccess). I'm also get an exception on LoadLibraryA with my plugin power by delphi.
Are you test yet ?


mr.exodia 05-26-2014 19:56

@quygia128: I tested MinGW for both 32 and 64 bit. I also tested VS10 32 and 64 bit. But delphi is not supported by me, since I don't know it.

Could you send me your compiled plugin that failed loading?


sendersu 05-26-2014 20:31

I guess it ss better to open up a new issue at source repository site....
it'll be beter to track and to not open duplicated issues, etc

quygia128 05-27-2014 00:34

1 Attachment(s)
it's here, builded with MinGW(CodeBlocks v12.11)


ahmadmansoor 05-27-2014 05:12

I am sorry for late in replay ,I am working on more update for this plugin .
but I am waiting the SDK update from mrexodia .
this Plugin is only for x64 ,no x32 support ,sorry.
I will make a flash movie on how to use it ,need to add some more options .
any bug or need more feature's ,pls let me know .
Thanks for testing and try .

mr.exodia 05-28-2014 02:56

@quygia128: Please use the latest pluginsdk from this website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/x64dbg/files/alpha/pluginsdk/

I tested it today, all working.


Mr. eXoDia

cxj98 05-28-2014 03:18


what's the plugin is?

leetone 06-24-2014 18:59

I would love to see this on github or bitbucket...lots of potential, and lots of eager people willing to commit!

΢Цһ 06-27-2014 16:42

wait more plugin for this Dbg

mr.exodia 06-27-2014 17:21


Originally Posted by ΢Цһ (Post 92454)
wait more plugin for this Dbg

What functionality would you like to be in these plugins? x64dbg is still in development, so you can request features :)


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