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CodeCracker 03-30-2019 03:54

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Start an executable (.exe extension) with the specific date;
- Drag and drop support for exes just drag it anywhere on main dialog;

They are two structs - two way of keeping time:
SYSTEMTIME (16 bytes) and FILETIME (8 bytes)

GetLocalTime, GetSystemTime - SYSTEMTIME
GetSystemTimeAsFileTime - FILETIME

More time Apis:
FileTimeToSystemTime - converts a 64-bit file time to system time format
SystemTimeToFileTime - converts a system time to a file time

Stingered 03-30-2019 07:31

Hopefully this will be an external D/L at some point...

Keep the great work coming!!! I use your tools weekly (seriously).

CodeCracker 03-30-2019 21:44

Version 2.0 Out
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New on Version 2.0:
- Now you can also set time from date;
- Ability to specify process parameters:
First process parameter is the exe file name,
so enter first a space like this:
" example.txt", // Additional application arguments
Process parameters are separated by a space - " " !

External link:

bolo2002 04-01-2019 00:20

what's diff with RunAsDate from Nirsoft?

CodeCracker 04-02-2019 21:20

Offers more info and more select-able options

Originally Posted by bolo2002 (Post 116772)
what's diff with RunAsDate from Nirsoft?

Offers information: about selected date (converted to both SYSTEMTIME and FILETIME) needed probable for permanent patches, Info about how many times Api was reached (Info button); more select-able options like what Api to change;
except those there isn't much.

user1 04-03-2019 14:44

is possible src please?

Fyyre 04-07-2019 11:13

nice tool =) spares one from a little hooking code at times

aldente 04-24-2019 13:26

This would be really useful if you would publish the source as well...

CodeCracker 08-24-2021 22:42

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the only way was to link it statically (MFC Static Library)
this bug was on VC v6 debug mode, fixed now.

Another bug was due to fact that Apis have only a jmp dword [...] on their body
so writing directly to Api address would lead to corrupting code after jmp dword [...].

00437298 6815E636 /CALL to GetSystemTime from wpdshext.6815E630
0043729C 004372C4 \pSystemTime = 004372C4
004372A0 00437390
Registers are altered on hooks so I got to use pushad (60) and popad (61) instructions.

Attached final version and source code.

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