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dj-siba 04-25-2015 17:37

AT4RE PATCHER v0.1 Build 18 Coded by ghost-dz & Sn!per X.

Creator Side:
[+] Multi-File Patcher.
[+] Offset Patcher.
[+] Search and Replace Patcher.
[+] Registry Patcher.
[+] Target File Check: CRC, File Size and user defined signature.
[+] Auto Detect From File Path/Registry.
[+] File Installer with macros enabled.
[+] Skin Support.
[+] GUI Fully Changed (More friendly user interface).
[+] No need to keep Overly in Packer.
[+] Code fully rewritten.
[+] Changed the way Data Written to patcher:
No more writing data to EOF (end of file)
now data is written in Resources.

Patcher Side:
[+] Skin Supported Images: JPG, PNG, BMP ...
Skin Supported Fonts : TTF and FON.
[+] Added Support for Animated Cursors.
[+] Scroll Text more smoother.
[+] Fixed website link click.

Download :
AT4RE Patcher v0.1 Build 18 + Skin Builder v0.1 B422 + Skin Extractor 0.1 +
uPPP2AP Skin Converter v0.1


Note: This is work in progress, your suggestions are welcome.

destr0 05-16-2015 08:57

Just used it, it has a lot of useful options for fast bytepatching

dj-siba 08-12-2015 15:57

AT4RE PATCHER v0.3 Beta 2 03-08-2015:

Added test skin with SB.
Added wild card support for S&R in Loader.
Added run only one instance of application (Mutex).
Added register associated file types.
Added do not notify when list is empty.
Added more detailed options for UPX compression.
Added support for multiple setting files support.
Added Icons for PAT & APF (Associated file types).
Fixed compression issue (File path was not passed correctly to packer).
Fixed crash happen when no output folder is selected (Admin check issue).
Fixed few options was not saved into settings file.

Any ideas, suggestions or a bug report are welcome,

Download link in first post

alfares 09-02-2015 06:36

newer version released

TheDutchJewel 09-05-2015 16:08

AT4RE Patcher v0.4


[+] Added patcher/loader requires NFO file to run.
[+] Added do not run if the NFO file is modifed (patcher/loader).
[+] Added support for SPC Music (SNES-SPC700 Sound File).
03 SPC Samples are included in the archive (From Games: Killer Instinct, Asterix).
[+] Added support for ST-Sound File (YM, 03 Samples are included in the archive).
[+] No longer using EXEFILE RCDATA Resources!.
[x] Fixed BMP Detection.
[x] Fixed bug with assocaite files.
[x] Fixed bug in loader imagebase detection.
[x] Fixed crash with PE files detection.
[x] Fixed load/save project. (now upgraded to v0.2).
[!] Project files v0.1 are no longer supported.

Skin Builder v0.4:
[+] Added Support for SPC, YM Modules.
[x] Fixed FadeIn/FadeOut speed issue.
[x] Fixed bug in v2m Player.
[x] Fixed a crash happen when droping a font under Windows 10.
- Standalone (Password: www.at4re.com):


cachito 09-05-2015 22:47

I am having problems with version 0.4. When it searchs for differences in exe files, it is not finding all of them.
Also this maker lacks the option of wildcards in source patterns.
Any developer here??

dj-siba 09-06-2015 18:33


with version 0.4. When it searchs for differences in exe files, it is not finding all of them.
do you have sample files or examples

cachito 09-07-2015 02:49

pm'ed you the targets so you can check.
Checked again in version .3 and .4, both have same problem.
It is finding offsets correctly, but it has problem when building patterns. If I select pattern lenght 5 or more, then some offsets are missing. If I select length 4, then it adds more changes than it should.

Thanks for continue development in this tool. Only option I see missing is the one I posted above, the ability to add wildcards in source pattern.

TheDutchJewel 09-19-2015 16:25

AT4RE Patcher v0.5


[+] Added Patch Types:
- Any File Types.
- Portable Executable (EXE).
- Dynamic Library (DLL).
[+] Added Patch Modes:
- File Offset.
- Virtual Address (VA).
- Relative Virtual Address (RVA).
[+] Added Support for 64bit Loaders (Still under beta testing).
[+] Project.apf upgraded to v0.3, Old projects (v0.2) still supported.
[+] Added Signature for Settings.pat file
now no more crash when using old Settings files with newer version of AP.
[+] Added Detection for New Font (OTF).
[+] Added Detection for Region (RGN).
[+] Added Detection for 32bit and 64Bit PE Files (EXE, DLL).
[+] Added More checking routines before creating the Patch/Loader.
[+] Added Highlight colors (Black=OK, Red=Error) to List Items.
[+] No longer saving regfile to disk > Now its loaded directly to memory.
[x] Fixed An Error appears rarely when showing About Form.
[x] Fixed crash happen sometimes when Loading Font of Skin in AP.
[x] Fixed TTF, FON signatures detection.
[x] Fixed some spellings in AP.
[x] Fixed error happen in Registry Patcher when user
click Reload and the reg-file does not exists.
[x] Fixed 'Test Font' Button and Font Styles was not applied.
[x] Fixed Bug Happen rarely When Generating Patterns in Search And Replace.
[x] Fixed few options was not saved in project.apf.
[x] Fixed an error when loading projects.
and many more improvements, enhancements and bug fixes..

[+] Added Transparent Edges to Scroll Text Patching Result.
[+] Patching Enahaced, now should be are more faster.
[x] Fixed Bug when Killing Target Process:
Before: ¤ Process was killed without checking its path!.
¤ All Process have the same target file name will be killed.
Now : ¤ Process is killed if its name and path its same as Target File.
- Standalone (Password: www.at4re.com):


Asus 09-19-2015 20:49

Is your project DUP stopped, TDJ?

TheDutchJewel 09-19-2015 21:12


Originally Posted by Asus (Post 101869)
Is your project DUP stopped, TDJ?

dUP is diablo2oo2's project. Maybe he will answer your question.

Insid3Code 09-20-2015 04:31


Originally Posted by Asus (Post 101869)
Is your project DUP stopped, TDJ?

I Guess! Not really, just slept for few years...:) Like the resurrection of DiE and Resource Hacker.

Ahmed18 10-16-2015 23:28

this patcher makes the sence active ;) .. thanks guys :)

mudlord 10-17-2015 07:00

Is there any chance of a plugin SDK? Would be interesting to see what plugins could possibly come out of it if that happens.

alfares 10-17-2015 18:29


Originally Posted by mudlord (Post 102448)
Is there any chance of a plugin SDK? Would be interesting to see what plugins could possibly come out of it if that happens.

Authors asked if there is a possible plugin (do a specific purpose),
mention that purpose and if they sees it a good idea and deserve
an SDK, so they will start developing it.

btw, v0.6 will be released at the end of this week
many new options and bug fixes..

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