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yaa 11-20-2003 06:35

Cracking inside a virtual machine

I was wondering, has anyone tried using softice inside a vmware or virtual pc virtual machine??? Does it work??? Any issues???


[email protected] 11-20-2003 08:35

I have tried using softice inside of virtual pc running win98
(my Hm. machine is xp),
it works but can be quite unreliable at times plus the speed is very slow for tracing,

I ditched it after trying it out for a while

[email protected]

pkroupa 11-20-2003 19:13

You need fast CPU and lot of memory
I tried it with VMware. I had problems with display mode switching using SoftIce. Nice think is to keep harddrive image untouched after restart VM. But it was slow. I have Duron 1.2GHz and 256MB.

dj-siba 11-20-2003 19:54

I tried it also under VMware, it work, but it was so slowww...
as other says, maybe it work better with Faster CPU and a big MEMORY ...

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