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Storm Shadow 07-04-2014 01:29

Bringing IDA PRO plugin writing into 2014
I have some days playing with ida pro and PYQT.
only to find out that hexrays way off implimenting QT / PySide it is old and buggy.

Thing is that ida itself is a QT app, and Qt app + Qt app = CRASH!!

So i set the task off doing it right. Making it how it should be from start.tricking IDA PRO and make real QT apps :o

its a little long, but would definitely change plugin writing, so hope you 12 minuts.:rolleyes:



We can also call the app via hotkey so you know.

fell free to ask

Storm Shadow 07-04-2014 01:47

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lol forgot the app Attachment 7807
place any where on pc and load from ida

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