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FEARHQ 12-23-2004 16:58

Patching Module (DLL) in memory?
I have a target which I need to patch a dll in memory without touching the actual dll on the local disk. This dll is very likely to be updated, however the code I wish to patch is unlikely to change. So far, I am using Process Patcher by The Welsh Dragon, however I find it's strict patching abilities inapropriate... Does anyone know of a nice "Search N Destroy" type patcher (wildcards not necessary, but a bonus ;) ) that can patch a loaded module (dll) in a target?

fsheron 12-24-2004 09:34

Is the DLL file load dynamic?

FEARHQ 12-25-2004 17:04

The DLL was statically loaded. Instead of using the ready-available tools like a lazy arse I decided to write my own patcher for this. ToolHelp32 API Does wonders as well as VirtualProtect/ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcessMemory. Guess I got real lazy

killy 12-25-2004 21:29

I got this dll injection tutorial very interesting,it got something like redirecting api calls ;)


dmownz 12-31-2004 04:17

The article API Spying Techniques for Windows 9x, NT and 2000 (hxxp://www.internals.com/articles_main.htm) has a nice overview of the various dll injection / api hooking techniques available on windows. The book "Microsoft Windows Internals" by David Soloman et al has some good info on system level hooks.

omidgl 01-06-2005 16:26

I've read this article (Three ways to inject code )

I think that it guide you

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