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isdebuggerpresent 04-24-2022 04:13

OllyDbg 64

The development is frozen. Sorry.
For those who still want to try
the incomplete 64-bit version: odbg64.zip

bolota 04-25-2022 01:52

thanks to share, but it was amazing if it had plugins.

b30wulf 04-25-2022 08:06


Originally Posted by isdebuggerpresent (Post 125193)

Why don't you put it on github so it can evolve form public? It would be a real pity that such relic dies

Vladimir 05-16-2022 00:40

Yes, making olly open source would really help it revive.. or maybe overtake other dbgs.
Old good memories with olly :)

morgot 07-17-2022 06:54

This is no longer relevant, such as the "denver 3" web server (I know Russian).
Use x64dbg instead.

The author did not post the source code, probably he was afraid of theft or something else, and given that there has been no news for 8 years, he died.

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