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mr.exodia 01-13-2013 04:21

Armadillo Key Tool v0.2
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Hello everyone,

Some time ago I posted a tool called "Armadillo Key Tool".

Back then, this tool could just be used to generate serials. This version of the tool has more features:
  • Version + Option + Extra Option detection (ArmaFP)
  • Inline patch tool (with plugin support)
  • Environment Variable Finder (ArmaEV)
  • Full key generation support (with keystring and nameless support, Unsigned - ShortV3 Level 10)
  • Key analysis support with keystring and nameless support, Unsigned - ShortV3 Level 10)
  • Key decoding and decryption (Decoding: ShortV3 only, Decryption: SignedV2 - ShortV3 Level 10)
  • Tabbed, userfriendly interface.
  • Built-in help function (Hit F1).
  • Current Sym retriever.
  • Checksum generator and finder.
  • SymVerify.
  • FixClock key generator.
  • Arma date converter.
  • Armadillo reducer-alike tool.
  • Previous settings are remembered (OnTop and Version Log till now)
  • Dynamic certificate retriever.
  • Certificate brute force tool (in form of a dll, which can be customized)
Planned are the following features (ask for more if you like):
  • Fully automatic inline.
  • Text section decrypt (for inline)
  • Full Win7 support (please report issues)
  • Program-specific license clear tool.
  • Nanomite helper (Easy manual identification of nanomites)
  • You name it...
Screenshot (v0.2 Alpha 14):

Download: See attachment

Please come with suggestions and bug reports (please for recent armadillo versions)
Notice that this is Alpha, it might be very buggy, that's why I post it here.


Mr. eXoDia

PS If you like to develop inline plugins or wish to help with something specific, please contact me. I'll see what I can do.

PS2 Same for developing bruting plugins.

Gmax 01-13-2013 12:04

Is there a Manual for the use of this tool Please

mr.exodia 01-13-2013 21:40

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@Gmax: I't just finished

See attachment

Gmax 01-13-2013 22:43

thank you very much Bro mr.exodia for manual

Jupiter 01-14-2013 13:35

clear and useful guide, thank you for your work!
btw, explaining glossary at start is a good idea

nhadnt 01-16-2013 14:08

Help me to download, because I don't have enough point to download.

Dreamer 01-16-2013 15:48

here is tool and manual

password : shockwawe



mr.exodia 01-17-2013 01:32

There is a reason that just-registered users cannot download attachments.

mr.exodia 01-17-2013 03:41

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Updated to Alpha 22 (No, still not beta )

- Fixed Keystring analysis and creation (overflow problem with strings longer then 0x7F bytes)
- Fixed .akt dump

Files attached

BAHEK 10-24-2013 21:44

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Updated to 0.2alpha27

- fixed a bug with copy in Certs tab (right click to copy data)
- fixed a bug with saving DLL files (first executable *.exe was selected instead of *.dll)
- added a browse button (requested by MB! and apuromafo and maybe someone else too)
- fixed a bug with reporting an ECDSA MD5 while it was never used by the target (Armadillo v4.x and 3.x)

squareD 10-24-2013 23:34

I say thank for the great work of mr.exodia

But never forget, the public version of keytool-certs takes seven days, seven nights and may be more, bruteforcing a working sym, but at least no success...

So I'm a little bit disappointed and don't like Armadillo targets, which I would enjoy to use by my own. :p

NeOXOeN 10-25-2013 05:50

mr.exodia : one question... is your tool fully keygening armadillo app? or you also patch some part of rutins? And if so.. why dont you just patch the whole rutin.. so its skipped.. ??

bye NEO

[hepL3r] 10-25-2013 16:15

squareD: what armadillo version you are trying to bruteforce?

NeOXOeN: It depends on Armadillo version and also level, for example in armadillo v7 and earlier you can easily use Baboons method for armadillo short lvl 10 to create a pure keygen but in armadillo 7.4 and later this method doesn't work and you should patch some bytes in security.dll. and also you should play with some mathematics in armadillo level 1-9 to find private key.

NeOXOeN 10-26-2013 05:27

so if i understand this correctly.. if you pacth it... you alwasy can patch it that way.. so runtine doesnt run.. or just to skip the serial checking.. ..

tool can be for fun.. but not much of use, if you need to patch it anyway.

ps: mr.exodia i see a lot time put into tool, but looks like useless if you cant keygen 100 % and need to patch it.. just make patcher to skip the serial check easyer..

bye NeO

squareD 10-26-2013 22:43


I did it with some v6.x it was very fast (just some hours) and worked very well...
Tried a program in v8.x, taking bruteforcing time nearly one week, at least the key won't work.
I hate to keep my PC online for so long time without supervision, especially at night, (may be the house is burning down :)) and at least no success with the key, is making me very sad...

No reproach to mr.exodia, I understand that he will keep his knowledge in a very small circle, but accerelate bruteforcing a little bit in public, would be a nice present!

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