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biorpg 07-09-2018 01:41

FSFilter drivers in Windows 10
@TechLord Hoping to continue the discussion from windows+cleaned here..

Not going to ask for an ISO, but rather for some information about the method used to "mercilessly truncate" the filter drivers from the Windows 10(let's say 14393) install image.

I'd imagine you didn't remove all of the filter drivers, correct? Some core functionality relies on them. If you could share which filters were left in place, if any, that would be a great starting point. :D

And, as for actually removing them; was this accomplished by removing references in the registry, by modifying the drivers themselves, or by overriding them with a custom filter at a higher altitude?

I'd be extremely grateful for your(or anyone's) help! Thanks.

TechLord 07-09-2018 08:49


Thank you all

biorpg 07-10-2018 08:02

My apologies, I saw that you said you didn't want to discuss in public over in the general forum; I suppose I should have logged out to see that this is one is also public. *EDIT: Just realized it's under "General", doh!

But from the sound of it, you're saying the creation of a similar custom installation is not something I'm going to accomplish on my own in my free time. Bummer! :D

As an aside, I don't understand why people question or ridicule someone's methods when they create something superior and unique..

Avalon 03-19-2019 01:21

During my Windows research/RE work over the years. I have seen telemetry code located in DLL's (never took much notice of it), but they could easily be removed from the system and I presume the programs would continue to execute fine.

I've seen it in kernel code too - the drivers/func names etc are all quite obvious typically with the word "telemetry" in it, functions calls to other locations, but again not took much notice.

chants 04-04-2019 18:57

Any specific filter driver that anyone know of which can be removed from Windows 10? As far as I know this can be done quite simply purely through DISM and is not so difficult...

WhoCares 06-12-2020 14:05

would anyone share the ISO made by TechLord with me? thank you. plz send PM

Asus 06-24-2020 11:45


Originally Posted by WhoCares (Post 120355)
would anyone share the ISO made by TechLord with me? thank you. plz send PM

Which iSO file do you need?

WhoCares 06-24-2020 13:58

got iso from FoxB. thanks


Originally Posted by Asus (Post 120431)
Which iSO file do you need?

DavidXanatos 06-25-2020 18:33

I would also like the iso, please

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