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jonwil 03-17-2021 20:56

Reverse engineering QT apps?
Are there any tutorials or tools or IDA plugins/etc to help with reverse engineering QT apps?

DominicCummings 03-17-2021 21:59

My experience is that it produces quite clean code -- gdb (or lldb) alone has been relatively forthcoming with "clean" QT apps. You can also get most of the libraries for free from their website, which helps.

Here are a few random links to some further reading:

(mirror: http://www.ntcore.com/files/qtrev.htm)



jonwil 03-18-2021 04:37

That Python script looks great (if only I could get it to work in IDA 7.5 it would be perfect)

niculaita 03-20-2021 00:37

mirror for this zip from https://www.codeproject.com/articles/31330/qt-internals-reversing please

tonyweb 03-23-2021 20:43




P.S. DominicCummings already posted the first link :)

Rasmus 03-23-2021 22:06


Originally Posted by jonwil (Post 122719)
Are there any tutorials or tools or IDA plugins/etc to help with reverse engineering QT apps?

Find out the exact version of the Qt used by the author you app. Get the source code files for the core and other components of that version of the Qt from the QT site, compile them as debug.
Use the associated pdb files from the compiled files and use them in your IDA to generate more meaningful decompilations for your target. You will find your job just made 10-100 times easier ;)

Of course, the above is a 10,000 feet summary view of the process. Anyway, this is the way professionals proceed with complex Qt targets. I used to have an article which gives details of this technique but I cannot find it right now.

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