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Numega Softice 08-14-2006 02:39

Wlscgen: Are "Vendor Id" and "Developer Id" different ?
I have been reading the articles on the SentinelLM and I am getting confused on the Developer Id Vs Vendor Id ? Are these two the same or different ? I am aware that one can get the Ids from computeVendorCode, but I just want to make sure that I understand.


berry 08-14-2006 03:48

Ofcourse , they are different.

Numega Softice 08-14-2006 03:55

ok, Just making sure. Would this result in invalid license file ? Is there a way / method to convert between these too. Any Explanations ?
I have got the vendorID in eax in the function which has the text "Illegal vendor identification". Though I didnot find the main prog calling "lsapiw32.dll" I used another program lsmon (SentinelLM Application Monitor) to get a breakpoint on the function.

FoxB 08-15-2006 04:07

If u have VendorID, u can find DeveloperID, reinstall SLM SDK and make valid license.

hanzi 08-17-2006 15:33

How find DeveloperID?
is DeveloperID=SLM SDK SN for VendorID?
or DeveloperID is a DeveID for dongle?

FoxB 08-17-2006 15:39

DeveloperID == SLM SDK SN
DeveloperID != DeveID for dongle

atomix 02-12-2007 18:12


Originally Posted by FoxB
DeveloperID == SLM SDK SN
DeveloperID != DeveID for dongle

That is indeed correct, you can find these as follows:

1. Developer ID == SLM SDK SN, using SLMkeys.exe - SentinelLM install serial # generator Updated By CrackZ (24/1/2004), or VendorID_to_SerialNum (slmvid2sn.exe + serialID.wri) upped by FoxB on this forum.

2. DevID of the dongle can be found by reading the dongle using Toro's Sentinel Monitor (also available here) or by disasm the application. Typically there is code like this:

PUSH 0FFCC ---> this is the DevID
CALL <JMP.&sx32w.RNBOsproFindFirstUnit> ---> set a bp here!

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