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WillyTerra 06-17-2021 12:00

[Help]Armadillo 9.x 64bit Unpack
Hello, Bro
I encountered some troubles in unpacking the armadillo 64bit program.
Below are my unpacking steps. Please check if there are any problems.
Find the protect type.
Protected Armadillo
File Size 22058240
Extra data size=13568
Load file
<-Find Protect
Protection system(Professional)
<Protection Options>
Standard protection or Minimum protection
<Backup Key Options>
No Registry Keys at All
<Compression Options>
Minimal/Fastest Compression
<Other Options>
Disable Monitoring Thread
<-Find Version
Version X.XX 04-02-2013
1. Place a bp on VirtualProtect Ret.
2. F9-F7 till .reloc appears
3. Take one more F9 (This time it will be a bit longer), then F7 to land on Arma Code.
4. Now landed on Arma Code find ASCII pattern ArmA and scramble it.
5. Find where the API Checking is done.
6. Patch the magic jump.
7. Find a place where the API Methods are loaded and disable the GetTickCount Detection.
8. Dump and fix it.
This is my unpack video link:

I tested many software in this way, and there was no problem, but now this software just doesn’t work.

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