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dosprog 12-10-2020 06:45

PE_Win9x.HEM PlugIn Released
PE_Win9x.HEM PlugIn Released.

This plug writes to x32 PE-EXE header
values OSver=1 & SubSys=4 for make PE-EXE linked for Vista+
loadable on Win9x+, for example, on WinXP.

Dounload: PE_Win9x.HEM v.0.001a

dosprog 01-01-2021 05:33

CRACK.HEM PlugIn updated - v.0.002a
Added option: Rewrite or Append to CRK-file if CRK-file already exists.

Download updated version: CRACK.HEM v.0.002a (31 Dec 2020).

dosprog 01-03-2021 00:42

CRACK.HEM PlugIn updated - v.0.003a
Added option: compare inside selected block only (optional, if block selected).

Download updated version: CRACK.HEM v.0.003a (2 Jan 2021).

dosprog 10-17-2021 22:17

PE_TAIL!.HEM PlugIn Released (*NEW*)
PE_TAIL!.HEM PlugIn Released (*NEW*)

Detects if current address of PE/PE+ in a "tail" of PE-section or in PE-overlay or in MZ/PE header.
Also detects valid VA and types report.

Download: PE_TAIL!.HEM v.0.000a (17 Oct 2021) - Size 4kb UPX'ed.


Similar tool for 32-bit PE only:
File Location Calculator (c)manhunter / PCL
with little modification for checking sections tails:
Download: FLC v. (mod)

dosprog 11-03-2021 03:17

Locate.HEM PlugIn Released (*NEW*)
New PlugIn - Locate.HEM.

Creates/appends to file "Locate.TXT" string with current file position (or VA for PE/PE+)
in current opened file.

Download: LOCATE.HEM v.0.000a (2021)

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