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Giotis 06-16-2021 14:21

Paradise ransomware source code by vx-underground
News about the recent leak



Kurapica 06-16-2021 19:48

C# and some fancy Loop with RSA :D

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CodeCracker 06-23-2021 17:55

How was the "Emsisoft Decrypt for Paradise" made?
I thought that decrypt of files protected by ransomware is impossible!

Shub-Nigurrath 06-23-2021 18:42

There are different ways to write a decrypter, mainly coding crypto stuff errors. However, as reported in the news, Paradise was "certified" to be undecryptable (https://twitter.com/demonslay335/status/1202936203290525701). Consider that Emsisoft decrypter is from 2019, and these sources of Paradise, if I see well, are from 2020

Kurapica 06-23-2021 22:10

@CodeCracker : weakly coded ransomwares sometimes left traces of encryption keys either in RAM or somewhere else which sometimes can help create a decryptor if those traces could be dumped and used.

CodeCracker 06-24-2021 02:22

From my analyzes of the ransom globeimposter, this ramsoware uses RSA-2048 and AES-128, as far as I know there is no plain text attack of AES-128, and AES key is just some random bytes initialized at execution time; and the key will differ on each run.
So still don't know how the decryption is possible.

Kurapica 06-24-2021 03:21

Maybe it was possible for the older versions.

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