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ludroid 02-10-2014 17:10

a good friend from freewire has invited me in, I'm so glad at last I got the invite code
I want to learn and observe dongle emulator


Theislander 02-10-2014 23:20

Wealth of info
This forum keeps getting better and better...

I joined to learn and understand simple stuff.. I'm no hacker or cracker or programmer...not by a long shot.....

With the helpful insight of users such as Zementmischer and All the other threads that I've read I've actually learn to make a simple license..:)

Great forum.....:)

ahmadmansoor 02-11-2014 01:23

U wlecome .and we wait to see what u have ;) .

Steve_J 02-13-2014 08:59


I hope to learn and share knowledge.
It is a privilege to be in this forum


giv 02-14-2014 03:00

Hi and welcome to the new members.

Morpheus 02-16-2014 05:09

Hallo Community
Hallo all members,
I am Morpheus I love crack to Software,
programming of software and much more.

I am very a computer nerd.
Unfortunately much must study about the cracking.

D3COD34 02-22-2014 01:20

hi all i am D3COD34 i like reverse engineering and at the moment learning programming hope to contribute here as well :D

pentium450 02-27-2014 01:35

It's a happy day! I join this forum,it's very importent,for me, I will study to all of you,Thanks !

aHjkk 04-07-2014 16:19

hello everybody, i like reverse engine very much,
i hope i can learn more here, and share more knowledge to each other people.
and thanks for Aaron 's invite code.

UniSoft 04-14-2014 00:46

Shenzhen, China.
Just activated my account after 4 years. :)
Interested in reverse engineering, electronics, ... (Bar, beer, girl(s) :) )

V0K3 04-18-2014 03:28

Hello my name is V0K3 and I'm new on this forum, I'm new on reversing (2/10) and I just joined this wonderfull world!
This forum looks like full of cool stuff and nice people, I'm wondering to have nice experience here.
Sorry for my bad english,

leetone 04-22-2014 13:33

Hello everybody. It is fun to see the man who invited me posting a few above mine! I wanted to introduce myself, I am self-teaching programming (C# and C++) in addition to reverse engineering, find this site to be a great resource, and I would love to meet some new buddies and hopefully some old ones I lost touch with too.... (SAM YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!) hehe...

Greets to everybody hope we can have a good time.

AlexAltea 04-23-2014 02:44

Hi guys! I finally got an invitation for this community.
I have some previous experience cracking (NoCD cracks for late 90s - early 00s games, several cracks and few keygens) and some vulnerability hunting (I found some weak key generation algorithms in several routers, and other chickenshit vulns. like BoF's, and server-related issues). I'm really interested in emulation and I'm helping on the RPCS3 project. Languages: C/C++, Pyhon, PHP, JS, Mathematica and (partially forgotten Haskell). As off-topic things: I love mathematics, number theory, geometry, anime-movies, drum & bass music, and great OSTs from great RPG games (FF mostly). That's pretty much it!
Greetings to everyone here!

Jhonjhon_123 04-23-2014 03:27

@AlexAltea You Nice!

Hey guys, I'm here thanks to @Special, my greetings and compliments to him, and to you :D

I am a self-taught programmer in PHP, Delphi, C #, VB, C + + (little) and of course reverse engineering. I hope to find here a good colleagues and contribute while learning.


stepanovich 04-25-2014 02:34


I'm new here, finally got an invitation so I hope not to dissapoint anyone. I've done a lot of hardware RE in the past, a bit less nowadays and there has always been some software RE but mostly embedded systems stuff.

Recently I took the decission of learning to reverse the tools I use for work, EDA software to be more specific, that in most cases is protected with FlexLM. I've learned a lot reading this site from the "outside", together with CRackZ and woodman forums and I've managed to defeat it several times.

I'm here to keep learning about FlexLM and share what I've learned on my own, I hope you guys help me out because I have lots of questions, I'm still a newbie :)


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