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secmask 12-19-2013 10:23

Hi all, it's secmask, I'm a c++ developer, I'm here to learn, to discuss how to secure application, how to to safe programming, thanks :)

Notmex 12-19-2013 16:35

Hello everyone.. I am here to get/share knowledge and to talk with friends... I was invited since my old account seems kinda broken after an email change.. Been around here for years..

n3m3s1s 12-27-2013 22:45

hi everyone, it's n3m3s1s...
i'm a pentester, python FAN, Vulnerability and exploit Developer...

I'm here since some years but haven't really explored many things, nice to meet you all guys...

i'm Here to learn...

ismail 01-02-2014 04:45

hi there. it ismail. maybe you know me with soe forums. :)

wenij 01-10-2014 00:15

it is a long time since last time login (2008). :)
Today I find one tools and see this site, and login again.
I am very surprise that it still have so many people here ....
Thanks exetools.

xxvxx 01-10-2014 02:15

Also happy am one of the good people here.

I hope to be usefull

Leina 01-11-2014 14:36

glad to see this introduction thread. hello everyone, im Leina. ive been hackin and crackin more than a year..a technician for my friends & also programmer (C++,autoit,.net)

predat 01-23-2014 05:02

Hello guys, I'm just a newbie wanting to learn something cool with gurus here.
I want to thank my friend leonardonhesi who invited me to join the forum and the admins who allowed me to enter.
I hope to get some knowledge here and share with others.

Dinisoid 01-23-2014 17:19

Hello to all.
I'm RE and developer (ASM,C,C++)
Glad to see here so many skilled guys.

alfares 01-24-2014 22:39

hello friend's

im alfares :rolleyes:

i love rce and i'm gfxer for two team's ( at4re & rept )

i'm glade to be here

agitator 02-01-2014 10:44

Hello friends,
I'm newbie in this...so I hope that will learn more from this forum.

Blue Indian 02-05-2014 00:39

Hello everyone
Hey there,

I am Blue, from Team URET/IREC. I am new here and if I've posted in wrong section then kindly forgive me.
I am no more in RCE scene but I can never say good bye to this. It's the place from where I've started learning internals and native coding.

No doubt this scene is a mixture of heaven and hell. :rolleyes: On one side there are really some talented and helpful guys but on another side it got those guys who are keeping this scene down. No personal comments, but today I got to know about some guys who are selling cracks. Don't know if this is real issue or just a lame one. But if it's real then?

- Blue

mdj 02-05-2014 13:55

welcome hear bro

peanuter 02-10-2014 11:38

Please excuse me if this is not the proper place to post an introduction of myself.

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I am an avid learner and have chosen to take up reverse engineering. I have purchased Reversing the secrets of reverse engineering.

I hope to learn from the talented members of exetools and look forward to working with you all in the coming months. As we work together on projects I hope to gain some new friendships.


Bey 02-10-2014 14:42

Hi all...
I'm Bey - been programming for a bit more than 30 years. I can remember the time when
I would disassemble programs by hand, i.e., print out the program in hex and go through
it with pen and paper. I program in many languages but have discarded all languages
based on BASIC. Currently, I program in assembly, C, C++, C#, java - seems like I focus
on the C-based languages. I do a lot of reverse engineering of software (be it Windows
or Linux) but haven't done much in the area of unpacking programs.

I hope that I can contribute to the forum anything new I may learn, and, as I am disabled
and do not work (or leave the house that often!), I spend nearly all waking hour on the
computer doing research as well as programming.


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