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ahmadmansoor 06-01-2009 23:49

Our Family Is Become Bigger
Hi all :D
In this time I am so glad to tell every one ...that our Family is become Bigger more and more ... and our project begin see the light
and we monitor every member here in our site and other sites and evaluate all their work ..
and see if they deserve to joint our project :cool: ...

anyway today : I am glad to say hello to this 2 members
Av0id and ara_hot ...which I think they are deserve to joint our project .
so congratulation for both and happy stay with us ..

and Good luck for other to be with us ...we wait .
prove ur self and be with us ;)

My friends Av0id and ara_hot : I will upgrade ur level now

Our place is here :

Av0id 06-02-2009 00:23

Glad too see such message ;) Thanks

ahmadmansoor 06-02-2009 00:37

U welcome my friend ..
you are Good Cracker ..and deserve this .

xtiaoshi 06-02-2009 01:17

Great honor.

Av0id 06-03-2009 02:40


i've unable to access this area

ahmadmansoor 06-03-2009 07:13

I have fix it now try it pls ....

JMI 06-03-2009 07:58


When I first saw the title of your Thread, I thought you were going to add another "child" to "your family", making it "Become Bigger." :D

Av0id is, of course, quite welcome, I just misunderstood the Thread Title. :eek:


ZeNiX 06-03-2009 13:47

Welcome to the family, Av0id.

Av0id 06-03-2009 20:19

Thanks ZeNiX

GioTiN 06-08-2009 13:24

and me have not access to this area :

Kind Regards , GioTiN - Under SEH Team

bolo2002 06-09-2009 00:01

what's that area42? :)

ahmadmansoor 06-09-2009 03:30

hehe :D JMI ... no child at moment ...but the good news that I will get marry after 6 month ,I hope .
@GioTiN : Is that how I know him or u have the same name :confused: . can u prove that ?? pls :)
@bolo2002 :hehehe it is special area (For NCIS members) ....:cool:

GioTiN 06-09-2009 12:42

@ ahmadmansoor :
do you remember me when i told in ARTeam forum to you for make an id into exetools and you say i must get help from Shub-Nigurrath ??????????

now , you remember me ???

you can ask about me from ZeNiX ;)
ZeNiX is my best Friend :D
i changed he to "Under SEH Team Friends" on our Forum !

if you have any Question , you can contact with our E-mail :
[email protected]

or visit of our Forum iN : http://www.Webkade.IR

King Regards , GioTiN - Under SEH Team

ZeNiX 06-09-2009 13:40

Dear Ahmadmansoor,

Yes, GioTiN is the correct person from Under SEH Team.

And I think your question is correct, as I see also many 'zenix' on other forums.
Now, some people used the name "Zenix" I invernted 20 years ago.

ahmadmansoor 06-09-2009 14:39

if Zenix say this, then no problem .... as u wish my friend Zenix ;) .
so my friend GioTiN welcome in our family .
just give me 24 h and I will upgrade ur level .
I think I will be ugly if i ask u "SEH Team Friends" on our Forum. :p
Now u welcome .

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