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chessgod101 12-30-2014 12:22

Keygenning With Delphi: Useful Delphi Functions and Tips
Here is a short article I wrote about some of the useful functions and tricks for manipulating data for keygenning purposes in delphi. It is intended for beginners, but shows some tricks for overcoming some of the limitations in delphi. I will expand this from time to time to shed some light on some of the tricks that you can use to accomplish difficult tasks in delphi. I hope you enjoy:



alen 12-30-2014 14:04

Thanks chessgod101.

I wish if you have an articles about unpacker dynamically to publish it, I mean dynamically by writing your script file and using it to unpack executable application and there tricks.
Take as example delphi executable with some packer.
And if you have a book about writing script to unpack exe step by step or any one similar to this title.

Happy New Year 2015

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
Alen Khoury

mr.exodia 12-30-2014 18:08

Interesting post, these kind of things are really useful to know if you don't know delphi so well :)

Anyways, just a small comment, maybe you can try formatting the post in markdown with code blocks etc. Cuz now it's all kinda hard to read.

People tell me this is useful: http://dillinger.io/


Jay 12-30-2014 22:10

Much appeciated mate. FYI only and not being picky, a couple of typo in the float to hex Also, is float a valid type in delphi?. Mentioning it only as inexperienced in delphi myself.

chessgod101 12-30-2014 23:57

Thank you for the correction, Jay. I sometimes get that confused when coding across multiple languages. The correct type in delphi is double. :)

squareD 01-05-2015 23:02

Writing all my Keygens in Delphi, I would keep this site in mind...
Learnig some new, may be not so bad.

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