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Jasi2169 01-27-2016 00:35

Scrollers Collection For Keygens
Scrollers Collection For Keygens

You can either use the DLL or the static libraries depending on your need. C#, Java and VB.NET developers can use the DLL to invoke the scrollers, C or C++ developers can use both as per need.

Source code for the DLL loader and loading DLL's is attached, you can easily manage to get it working with static libraries too. (If you have any issue, post it here). All scrollers are made with all possible simplicity and functionality. See the loader.exe in attached file.

Run it and move/play with scrollers, you can also rearrange them,can change there positions,change colors of text,height,width,selfmove,parent move etc

Download :-

Password :- team-uret

See Gif :-

ReBirth 01-27-2016 16:24


Originally Posted by Jasi2169 (Post 104036)
You can either use the DLL or the static libraries..

Why don't you share the source code ?
like this http://forum.exetools.com/showthread.php?t=17336

@Moderator does DLL & Static lib fit in Source Code section ?

Jasi2169 01-27-2016 21:18

these are coded from scratch to meet the needs of us by bro blue,sorry the source is only shared of loader in archive so that user can get how to use it and customize it not actual libs

ZeNiX 01-28-2016 11:29

This section is for source code only.

Jasi2169 01-28-2016 21:03

Bro zenix check the archieve and see what it needs to be done n then move where it suits

bilbo 02-01-2016 02:31

Come on, friends, we are Reverse Engineers, aren't we?

I've reversed just for fun RIPPLESCROLLER.DLL, and I've downloaded the source here:


I've made some little modifications (just to avoid copyright infringements:) ), and I've fixed one bug (the DLL traps on big images).

All credits go obviously to the URET authors (and some little credit to Megan Fox, who made appetible the provided demo).

Best regards


ZeNiX 02-01-2016 10:28

OK. I have downloaded it and agree with ReBirth.
If you are a programmer/code, you should understand what he said.

atom0s 02-01-2016 10:52

I am not against the sharing of compiled things, but this does not really include any source code other than a small 'how to use' snippet.

On a side note, you spelled my name wrong in the snippet code Jani :P

//Overlay scroller is originated from DIBEngine-Wiccan
Should be Wiccaan.

Jasi2169 02-01-2016 16:10

I know what he said,this is coded by our team member Blue Indian

yes his mistake in wiccaan name, he created this shared library from scratch and modify to make our needs and using some others for originating like ripple etc and some he coded himself
i will put my message up for source if he has plans i will post source code,if not plan i cant do anything ;)

tK! 12-05-2016 20:26

Re-Upload Please ?

sh3dow 12-06-2016 22:34

from https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/37959-scrollers-collection-for-keygens/

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