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TechLord 12-27-2018 18:09

Happy New Year 2019
Let me wish all my friends here at EXETOOLS


chicknsoup 12-27-2018 19:06

Happy New Year to Exetools :)

zeuscane 12-27-2018 21:06

Wish you happy new year 2019


tusk 12-27-2018 21:46

A little bit in advance but yes, happy new year to all
Hope you guys have some holidays (to spend all day long in your code haha)

bolo2002 12-28-2018 01:07

"This being one of the most important festive times of the year..."
Don't forget the other days of the year to be in festive times,not that much as now but.. :)
anyway,i don't care,i don't know nor taking any opinions with all those wars and comments seen recent times.
I wish you an happy new year too and naively tend to believe exetools will remain what's it were since years!
(feel free to send me your forum link),reddit one/r/R.?tired of scam links.

btw greetings to all friends!

chessgod101 12-28-2018 01:38

I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. I'd like to thank everyone, on behalf of the exetools staff, for your fruitful contributions to exetools this year.

danger_end 12-28-2018 12:18

Happy New Year to Exetools

tgd 12-29-2018 07:17

Happy new year to all the exetools family!!!!!

mesagio 12-29-2018 07:18

Happy New Year and All The Best !!

cp74 12-29-2018 18:02

Happy 2019 to everyone

kienmanowar 12-29-2018 22:15

New year to everyone!

agoo 12-30-2018 00:03

Happy new year to all. Wish you all the best.

youcef333 12-30-2018 03:57

Happy New Year to everyone

BlackWhite 12-30-2018 12:16

Exetools is the best forum discussing computer science.
I want to thank everybody who is always ready to help others.
Everyone will have a good luck in 2019.

Asus 12-30-2018 12:44

Happy New Year 2019 to EXETOOLS and all friends here.

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