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CodeCracker 08-30-2017 20:00

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DllSaver - this will run target exe and will save loaded dlls in target directory in a subdirectory called SaveDlls
You could also choose "Break" checkbox (check that) and
the program will break before calling entry point - you could use other dumping tools to save,
*** in this case you would have to press Continue button to continue the execution of program.
- Ability to force a dll to be loaded (Load button)

CodeCracker 05-12-2018 13:12

Version 2 out
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Version 2 out:
Ability to break when the module contains a string!

gsaralji 05-12-2018 16:36

unable to download ,Please upload external site

CodeCracker 05-13-2018 14:39


Nicogalan 08-19-2021 13:14


Originally Posted by CodeCracker (Post 113295)

Hi, sorry to bother you...
I cant download, please, upload again. thanks

CodeCracker 08-24-2021 02:53

New download link:
I tested it and works ok on Windows 8.1, you just have to run the program as administrator.

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