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LaDidi 10-12-2018 15:12

Is there any x86bg equivalent for java debug ?
Hello all,

Precedently, I only "statitically debug" java so I only need Java decompiler.
Now, I need to dynamically analyse a proggy so Java debuger is needed.
Is there any equivalent to x64dbg (or Olly) for java debugging ?

I tried Eclipse with Plugin but it's an elephant !
I've just downloaded IDEA but 500 Mb to debug :confused:

It's for Windows and I do not have source code of the proggy :D

Thanks for your help.

sendersu 10-13-2018 17:44

what is the meaning of static debugging?
deubgging by its nature is always dynamic
you debug - you do step into, step over, tracing etc
CPU registers are changing each and every time...so not clear

regards java debugger- I've tried in the past some tool named snoop dbg (if I recall it right)
but I never had any success.
so for me its terra incognita
maybe due to java is dieying (is it?) or it is very limited in use nowadays...

I"ve also heard some masters could use NB to debug java (wihtout sources) but I can't say for sure.

LaDidi 10-14-2018 01:39

@sendersu :
When I say "statically debugging" it's langage abuse.
Meaning, I use decompiler (IDA, DJ Java Decompiler, ...).

NB is for NetBeans ?

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