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foil 12-15-2021 06:47

Help with generating serial
Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a piece of software and it is driving me crazy. I am able to 'register/activate' it by fudging all of the jumps at the serial key checker. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out the routine that actually creates the serial numbers..

Would any of you like to check this out and possibly give me an idea of how to do it?

I don't really want the company looking this direction by mentioning the name of it, but here is the link to the installer. (It's used for Nissan cars)

Link to the software:

It is written in VB6, and here is the "unlock" function that it performs:


Private Sub btnUnlock_Click() '53DC71
  Dim var_10C As Variant
  Dim var_114 As TextBox
  loc_0053DCC6: On Error GoTo loc_0053E93B
  loc_0053DCFB: var_40 = frmActivate.txtActivKey.Text
  loc_0053DD03: var_110 = var_40
  loc_0053DD70: If (var_40 = global_00425534) + 1 Then
  loc_0053DD7E:  var_40 = "Please enter Activation Key"
  loc_0053DDA1:  var_44 = Proc_15_1_52D634(&HCB)
  loc_0053DE08:  MsgBox(var_44, 0, 10, var_80, 10)
  loc_0053DE41: Else
  loc_0053DEE3:  var_8020 = GetVolumeInformation("C:\", String$(256, False), 255, global_005C507C, global_005C5084, global_005C5080, String$(256, False), 255)
  loc_0053DEFB:  var_8028 = var_44
  loc_0053DF08:  var_802C = var_48
  loc_0053DF13:  global_005C5088 = var_8020
  loc_0053DF46:  var_114 = frmActivate.txtActivKey
  loc_0053DF7C:  var_40 = frmActivate.txtActivKey.Text
  loc_0053DF84:  var_110 = var_40
  loc_0053E003:  var_114.Text = CStr(Trim(var_40))
  loc_0053E00B:  var_118 = var_114
  loc_0053E0A0:  var_40 = frmActivate.txtActivKey.Text
  loc_0053E0A8:  var_110 = var_40
  loc_0053E13E:  var_3C = Proc_23_0_565AB7(Proc_24_1_56681B("Tomasz", "Tomasz", 1), "Tomasz", Me)
  loc_0053E212:  var_2C = Proc_23_0_565AB7(Mid(var_3C, 17, Len(var_3C)), Mid(var_3C, 1, 16), 0)
  loc_0053E2A7:  var_8050 = Proc_23_0_565AB7(Proc_24_1_56681B(GetSetting("NDataScan", "Activation", "RegCode", 10), var_CC, 80020004h), "Lilys", var_C4)
  loc_0053E2B1:  var_3C = var_8050
  loc_0053E37A:  var_34 = Proc_23_0_565AB7(Mid(var_3C, 17, Len(var_3C)), Mid(var_3C, 1, 16), 0)
  loc_0053E3DC:  var_34 = Left(var_34, Len(var_34)(-1))
  loc_0053E42C:  var_34 = Right(var_34, Len(var_34)(-1))
  loc_0053E530:  If CBool((var_2C = var_34) And (var_2C = Str(global_005C507C)) And (var_34 = Str(global_005C507C))) Then
  loc_0053E53E:    var_40 = "NDSI has been sucessfully activated. Please restart NDSI."
  loc_0053E5C8:    MsgBox(Proc_15_1_52D634(&HCC), 0, 10, var_80, 10)
  loc_0053E614:    var_10C = frmActivate.btnUnlock
  loc_0053E62A:    var_10C.Enabled = False
  loc_0053E632:    var_110 = var_10C
  loc_0053E68B:    var_10C = frmActivate.txtRegCode
  loc_0053E6A1:    var_10C.Enabled = False
  loc_0053E6A9:    var_110 = var_10C
  loc_0053E702:    var_10C = frmActivate.txtActivKey
  loc_0053E718:    var_10C.Enabled = False
  loc_0053E720:    var_110 = var_10C
  loc_0053E779:    var_10C = frmActivate.lblNotice
  loc_0053E78F:    var_10C.Enabled = False
  loc_0053E797:    var_110 = var_10C
  loc_0053E808:    var_40 = frmActivate.txtActivKey.Text
  loc_0053E810:    var_110 = var_40
  loc_0053E85B:    SaveSetting("NDataScan", "Activation", "ActivKey", var_40)
  loc_0053E875:  Else
  loc_0053E87D:    var_40 = "You have entered wrong activation details. Please try again."
  loc_0053E907:    MsgBox(Proc_15_1_52D634(&HCD), 0, 10, 10, 10)
  loc_0053E93B:  End If
  loc_0053E93B: End If
  loc_0053E93B: Exit Sub
  loc_0053E945: GoTo loc_0053E9A2
  loc_0053E9A1: Exit Sub
  loc_0053E9A2: ' Referenced from: 0053E945
End Sub

I have found that it appends or prepends the string "*-91511383#" to the key, I think.. lol someone please help me. :)

xobor 12-15-2021 22:46


try to look at loc_0052cf95

maybe this is what you looking for

foil 12-16-2021 01:00

Hi Xobor,

I appreciate your help with this!

What made you look at that address?
It's almost the very first thing that's done right after the entry point - I don't see anything about activation or registration?

Sorry, I'm not the greatest with this stuff yet, but am learning!

xobor 12-16-2021 16:54


in this function application reads ActivKey from registry and does some checks
it came interesting to me

best regards

QuakeGamer 12-17-2021 23:57

It seems Proc_23_0_565AB7 is calculating something relevant. What does the decompilation show for that part?

T-rad 12-18-2021 08:28


Originally Posted by foil (Post 124194)

I have found that it appends or prepends the string "*-91511383#" to the key, I think.. lol someone please help me. :)

not quite. And that string is unique to your computer. so you have to find out how it is generated.

TempoMat 12-20-2021 04:20


The procedure to generate the RegistrationCode aka RegCode in the version 1.63 with modified date 13.05.2013 is as follows:

1. Generate 16 radom numbers of base 256=Res1
2. SignedDec(VolumeInfoA("C:\"))=Res2
3. ConcatSeveralStrings("*",Res1,"#")=Res3
4. RC4_Encrypt(Key=Res1,Res3)=Res4
5. Concat(Res1,Res4)=Res5
6. RC4_Encrypt(Key="Lilys", Res5)=Res6
7. byteArrayToBase64(Res6)= RegCode

Hardcoding the drive "C:\" for the VolumeInfo will eg fail on some of my systems, which don't have a partition "C:\". That is just my thoughts.

From my investigation so far, I could not find the RegName and Email(no syntax check) been used or referenced anywhere during the check of the activation key.
They are however mandatory and the user will be promted to fill the corresponding empty field(s) before the RegistrationCode will be generated.

Anyways, the ActivationKey does the same thing but with Key="Tomasz" instead of "Lilys".

It should be noted however that both the initial 16 RadomNumbers(Res1) and the VolumeID (Res2) are in the resulted Regcode and are thus used to generate the ActivationKey, so that the 3 compares it does after decoding and decrypting the ActivationKey will match the original values.


PS: If I have time I will try to write a Keygen for it

T-rad 12-20-2021 14:33


Originally Posted by TempoMat (Post 124233)
1. Generate 16 radom numbers of base 256=Res1
2. SignedDec(VolumeInfoA("C:\"))=Res2
3. ConcatSeveralStrings("*",Res1,"#")=Res3

should be
3. ConcatSeveralStrings("*",Res2,"#")=Res3

just a note, the volume serial number is in number format, not hex format

TempoMat 12-21-2021 03:17


Originally Posted by T-rad (Post 124239)
should be
3. ConcatSeveralStrings("*",Res2,"#")=Res3

just a note, the volume serial number is in number format, not hex format

Your are right.
and for the 2.Step it would have been clearer if I had written it as:
2. Hex2SignedDec(VolumeInfoA("C:\"))=Res2

TempoMat 12-21-2021 08:00

1 Attachment(s)
The Activation Key is calculated as follows:

1. AK1 = the 16 RandomBytes from Res1
2. AK2 = the Hex2SignedDec(VolumeInfoA("C:\")) from Res2
3. AK3 = RC4_Encrypt(Key=AK1, Data=AK2)
4. AK4 = ConCat(AK1,AK3)
5. AK5 = RC4_Encrypt(Key="Tomasz", Data=AK4)
6. ActivKey = byteArrayToBase64(AK5)

The only step missing here is the step
3. ConcatSeveralStrings("*", Res2 ,"#")=Res3


raduga_fb 12-21-2021 16:15

Actually, "#" and "*" to be removed to create Activation Code.


string pass_1 = "?????";
byte[] pass_1_b = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(pass_1);

string pass_2 = "??????";
byte[] pass_2_b = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(pass_2);

byte[] hexData = Convert.FromBase64String(Registratin_Code);

byte[] z1 = RC4.Decrypt(pass_1_b, hexData);

byte[] pass_3_b = new byte[16];
Buffer.BlockCopy(z1, 0, pass_3_b, 0, 16);

byte[] z5 = new byte[z1.Length - 16];
Buffer.BlockCopy(z1, 16, z5, 0, z1.Length - 16);

byte[] z3 = RC4.Decrypt(pass_3_b, z5);

string z3_str = BitConverter.ToString(z3).Replace("-", "");

string z4 = Encoding.ASCII.GetString(z3);


string girdi = z4.Replace("#", "").Replace("*", "");

byte[] girdi_b = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(girdi);

byte[] x1 = RC4.Encrypt(pass_3_b, girdi_b);

byte[] x2 = new byte[x1.Length + 16];
Buffer.BlockCopy(pass_3_b, 0, x2, 0, 16);

Buffer.BlockCopy(x1, 0, x2, 16, x1.Length);

byte[] x3 = RC4.Encrypt(pass_2_b, x2);


string Activation_Code = Convert.ToBase64String(x3);

foil 12-22-2021 04:00

Thank you, everyone, for helping me out with this.
I will have some free time on Thursday night to check it out again, with all of your notes by my side!

I appreciate all of you :)

@raduga_fb - is there a certain module that you used when using RC4? Visual Studio only has RC2 by default, from what I can remember.

raduga_fb 12-23-2021 01:31


public class RC4
        public static byte[] Encrypt(byte[] pwd, byte[] data)
            int a, i, j, k, tmp;
            int[] key, box;
            byte[] cipher;

            key = new int[256];
            box = new int[256];
            cipher = new byte[data.Length];

            for (i = 0; i < 256; i++)
                key[i] = pwd[i % pwd.Length];
                box[i] = i;
            for (j = i = 0; i < 256; i++)
                j = (j + box[i] + key[i]) % 256;
                tmp = box[i];
                box[i] = box[j];
                box[j] = tmp;
            for (a = j = i = 0; i < data.Length; i++)
                a %= 256;
                j += box[a];
                j %= 256;
                tmp = box[a];
                box[a] = box[j];
                box[j] = tmp;
                k = box[((box[a] + box[j]) % 256)];
                cipher[i] = (byte)(data[i] ^ k);
            return cipher;

        public static byte[] Decrypt(byte[] pwd, byte[] data)
            return Encrypt(pwd, data);


foil 12-24-2021 03:15

Hi @raduga_fb

I really appreciate all of the help you've given me!

I compiled the code that you have given me, but am still receiving an error message stating that the activation key is incorrect.

Here is a screenshot of the source, the activation code generated and the error on activation: https://f0il.com/datascan.png

Am I doing something wrong in all of that? I'm still trying to wrap my head around how you figured all of this out in the first place lol sorry for my ignorance!

raduga_fb 12-24-2021 04:12

:) You need to eat much more bread.

Who said that pass_1 & pass_2 should be name & email? They are already mentioned above.

string pass_1 = "?????" <- 5 digits = Li***

string pass_2 = "??????" <- 6 digits = To****

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