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bolzano_1989 06-03-2016 20:10

Woodmann Archive
As you know, Woodmanns forum is frozen. Last week, I forgot to download the latest/last archives of Woodmann in these 2 topics:
and now they're gone. Could someone give us a mirror of them :) ?
Thank you.

bolzano_1989 06-04-2016 00:06

It seems that Woodmann forum administrators see my request, they reopen the forum and make the archive available now:

ontryit 06-04-2016 12:14

What are the contents of "woodmann stuff 2.rar" (1 GB)?

foosaa 06-04-2016 15:28


I've created torrent file for these archives just to reduce the load on the server.

Feel free to use them.

Torrent links are:




Make it count! Thanks.

lowtec 12-10-2016 07:33

These links are dead, any chance for a refresh of the torrents? I managed to find the 'stuff' torrent file elsewhere, but it was dead.

Also, if anyone knows what happened to the woodmann forums, I'd be interested to know. It sounds like they shutdown due to hosting costs.

Conquest 12-10-2016 13:22

It was a valuable resource for onestop tool market. Gone are the days when reversing was a hot deal

TechLord 12-11-2016 05:40

Its sad to see that the RCE Woodmann site is down :(

If hosting was the problem as to why they shutdown, I would be willing to see if I can fund or look for alternatives for it to be up again.

Anyone willing to work towards bringing this site up please PM me .

I am not a very rich man :D but I sure do not want a such a treasure-trove of RCE knowledge to go down :(

I do know that its not very active these days, but all the same I believe that sites like them should be preserved. at least for their historical value if not for anything else !

bolo2002 12-11-2016 23:23


Originally Posted by TechLord (Post 107915)
Its sad to see that the RCE Woodmann site is down :(

I do know that its not very active these days, but all the same I believe that sites like them should be preserved. at least for their historical value if not for anything else !

absolutely,it's the One after Fravia's time.:(

lowtec 12-12-2016 00:11

I have an archive of +Fravia's Searchlores site, but not the Woodmann forum. I'd be willing to help out where I can. Is anyone else looking for the files?

TechLord 12-12-2016 05:43

NO @Lowtec :

I do have all the archives, including the huge archives of the Woodman (those torrents). I am not looking for them ...

In fact, I have many of the original Fravia's Posts from 1997 or so, in my collection as at that time, the Woodmann site and the EXETOOLS sites were the only sites to turn to, for any decent RCE material :)

What I am trying to so is to keep the Woodmann site UP, especially "Collaborative RCE Tool Libarary" section, which is in my opinion, a priceless treasure that should be preserved for eternity !

In other words, am looking at possibilities of me possibly taking responsibility for the hosting etc (if necessary)..

In my opinion, to avoid takedowns by anyone calling it an "illegal" collection of tools, I would need to put up a lot of disclaimers and the required warnings (for example, need to state for many of the tools that they are intended for research purposes bla, bla bla and also may re-word some of the descriptions so that the "intended use" of the tool(s) would not appear to be encouraging illegal use.

Just a start.. A LOT of work would need to be done if at all I am also allowed to take part in the restoration, but even if it takes a bit of time, I wish that it can be done ...

Cheers :)

lowtec 12-12-2016 14:33

@TechLord, Great to hear! I'm glad the files are still around. Do you (or anyone else) know who ran the Woodmann forum previously? It might be best to ask for their blessing before moving forward with recreating the site and standing on the shoulders of that community's work.

That being said, I would love to see the Woodmann site return! I think that there is great value in actively maintaining the pages, including the one you mentioned.

I don't think any argument can be made about tools being illegal in most free countries. After all, IDA and others sell their tools as commercial products with no concern. Knowledge for knowledge's sake is perfectly fine. The problem arises when discussing illegal activities such as theft of software and copyright infringement. Reversing is not a crime!

Another example, malware researchers are providing active malicious samples for sharing, then I don't see why some tools should pose a problem. Some may disagree, they don't have to visit that web site.

TechLord 12-12-2016 16:06

No, I am of course not "re-creating" that site or anything. If and only if the original owners of the forum(s) are interested, then only will I be moving forward with this proposal.

It doesn't make any sense for me to create another mirror without coordinating with the original founders first !

Just thought that I should clarify so that anyone reading this would be clear regarding my intentions :)

Sky 12-15-2016 21:11

found RCEArchive_Jan1_2013.zip @ web.archive.org
There are 2008-2013 also.

TechLord 12-16-2016 04:51


Originally Posted by Sky (Post 107953)

Thank you for your good intentions and sharing the links my friend. But most us here already have collected them from that site itself, from 2008, as soon as they were posted there...

In fact, even last year, I had downloaded the rather huge "rips" of the Woodmann site, when they had made it available there...

Our main concern here is that the site should be kept up and running as soon as possible and for as long as possible ...

Cheers :)

isdebuggerpresent 12-01-2020 00:16

The site seems gone now, domain looks parked. Sad day in the history of RCE...

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