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chenm001 11-09-2015 06:59

Intel Video Pro Analyze 2015R6 (
This is Intel's tools to analyze MPEG2, H.264, HEVC, VP8, VP9, etc.
Use for video codec developer, video transfer quality analysis

If you like it, please give me [Reputation+1], thanks!


INFINITY 11-11-2015 16:48

looked for it everywhere, is it the evaluation version?

jump 11-12-2015 05:31

imho missing license and completely wrong forum section.


Git 11-12-2015 18:22

That sort of stuff, which is increasingly filling exetools, belongs in a warez forum, not in a reverse engineering forum.


giv 11-14-2015 14:48

This is trash.

mr.exodia 11-18-2015 07:42

Yes, I banned the user for some days for violating the clearly defined rules of the community tools section. I moved the thread here because I'm not sure whether I should delete it or not.

ZeNiX 12-01-2015 11:56

Sorry that most of the time, I am away in November and December this year.
It is OK if you delete this thread.
It is also OK to leave it here as an example of such kind of mistake that user should avoid in the future.

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