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jonwil 04-14-2021 20:16

IDA/HexRays and bitfields...
Are there any ways (plugins etc) that will allow me to see the actual field being accessed in the HexRays decompilation output when its accessing a structure containing bitfields?

Or any other way to more easily figure out what field its actually accessing?

aijundi 04-14-2021 20:44

I think this might be what you are looking for.

jonwil 04-14-2021 21:13

No that's not it.

I have a structure that looks like this
struct PATHEVENT {
unsigned int queued;
unsigned int expiry;
unsigned int lastact;
unsigned int eventID : 24;
unsigned int numactions : 8;
unsigned int currentaction : 8;
unsigned int voices : 4;
int priority : 4;
unsigned int bumplower : 1;
unsigned int beingFiltered : 1;
int project : 3;
int unused : 11;
I want to get IDA/HexRays to show the correct fields when its doing an access to one of those fields.

deepzero 04-14-2021 22:24

Are you sure hexrays is smart enough to decompile bitfields?

Stingered 04-14-2021 23:43

Per Igor Skochinsky (Hex-Rays)

You can add a struct with bitfields to the Local Types list (Shift-F1, Ins) but they are not currently supported by the decompiler or on the disassembly level.

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