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Hexcode 07-29-2020 05:02

Unpacking FoxPro

I have a question ,i tried few tools include Refox and Corso ,i don't find any tutorial how to decompile FoxPro application,In Refox she not decompile anyting and Corso she say have a CRC Encryption.
I don't have any ideas how to do this.
The software is compiled in FoxPro 6

user1 07-29-2020 13:14

need VFP unpacker version

or new REfox 12 with patched unlocked unpacking features

last one was May 2013

since then developer REFox made almost impossible unpacking by automated tools.

sponsor some Chinese they unpack it all.

Hexcode 07-29-2020 18:55

All I know is that the software was made 5 years ago, the one who made it abandoned the project and there is no trace of it.I have REfox 12 but nothing work

uranus64 09-10-2020 23:00

If you provide us that software ... maybe someone here will help you.
But for sure some of us will try.

sf42 09-14-2020 03:47

Did you try Unfoxall? It should have support for VFP 6.


giv 09-14-2020 19:03

For the most of the protections of the VFP files are available free tools over the net.
Now depends on what protection is applied.
If is VFP6 i guess is a older protector too.
Only newer ReFox branding algorithm have no public solution but others have.
Go search for proper tools. They are freely available.
If you want more that what you can find for free .....you must pay someone who have the knowledge how to do that.

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