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Uknow007 07-03-2018 03:38

Jetbrains License Server Source Code

TechLord 07-03-2018 10:48


Originally Posted by Uknow007 (Post 113848)

Please do not post stuff like this in the publicly visible areas of the forum.

In fact, it was only after the JetBrains License Server bypass was discussed and posted here OPENLY by certain new members last year (presumably by those who wanted to get their REP count up in a hurry) , that the protection by JetBrains was upgraded and now the "solution" no longer works. :(

These should be shared PRIVATELY inside secure areas of the forum :(

Hope you understand !


Just checked it out. This is the OLD VERSION from last year and lo longer works on the newer versions of the Jet Brains Products .

The NEW version is being shared in private and even if someone here (also) does have it, please do not share it in publicly visible areas of the forum. We after all want to keep it working for as long as possible.

Thank you

atom0s 07-04-2018 13:06

Old versions work fine, they just added local server checks to prevent activation from the same machine. To work around it, just host the license server on another system and connect to it for the license.

TechLord 07-04-2018 18:22


Originally Posted by atom0s (Post 113874)
Old versions work fine, they just added local server checks to prevent activation from the same machine. To work around it, just host the license server on another system and connect to it for the license.

This is not true for all their most recent products.
That is the reason why initially in Feb (2018) some groups attempted hosting these crack servers at various places in Russia etc (I think some of those links are still present in exetools in one of the threads, if I am right).

When those also stopped working, a few others started to create their own private activation cracks and shared it only privately. They still continue to work.

Please note :

The OLD cracks STILL will work, but will only do so for a very short time.
For some products, they will not work beyond the 30-days' TRIAL period.
For others they will stop working way before that.

I was using the OLD versions and never connected to the internet nor did I update the progs on the machines where I used them on. On those machines the cracks STILL work.

But on NEW installations, the OLD activation cracks will NOT work correctly and will expire suddenly after a few days.

Just check the internet and you will know what I mean.

WhoCares 07-07-2018 20:25

The download link is a EXE file?

Preddy 07-08-2018 03:09


Originally Posted by WhoCares (Post 113915)
The download link is a EXE file?

No, some file-hoster sites are doing retardware stuff, it is probably something like that.



Kerlingen 07-09-2018 15:17


Originally Posted by WhoCares (Post 113915)
The download link is a EXE file?

I didn't check it, but it could be. Since 99% of Windows users probably don't have Python installed or know how to use the Python package manager, somebody decided to compile the Python code with all libraries into an EXE, which runs without additional runtime dependencies.

So that might be the EXE you're looking at.

debugasm 07-15-2018 03:40

I also tried this "kit" but it does not work.

TechLord 07-15-2018 11:50


Originally Posted by debugasm (Post 113995)
I also tried this "kit" but it does not work.

As I'd stated in my earlier post, this works for older versions of their software only.

atom0s 08-17-2018 14:45

Didn't realize this got responded to. Just updated to latest versions, and yes the dvt server that has been around for ages still works. Again, all you have to do is host it on a different computer and it works fine.


There are no issues with it, same with previous versions as I mentioned above. It has worked fine since the switch to blocking local servers as long as you host it on a different PC on the same network.

atom0s 08-25-2018 14:08

JetBrains released a license enforcement in their latest products released this week that now blocks previous license servers from working. This did not take affect until today. More info can be found here:

You will now receive an error attempting to obtain a license stating that the server is outdated and cannot issue a license.


Work around for now, block this in hosts file:
Code: account.jetbrains.com
Get key from:

This unlocks all of the 2018.2 products from what I saw.

(If you can afford to buy the real thing etc. support the devs when you can.)

TechLord 08-25-2018 23:28

@atom0s: Anything posted here openly and made public would be checked out by the JetBrains staff and would be rendered ineffective very soon, as I 'd already noted in this post of mine above in this very thread :D

We do have a few private solutions that I am willing to share with trusted members, who I am sure would not post it openly and again render them ineffective for all of us.

Once again, the reason I am making them available only to trusted members is not because I am bad guy but just because I want to ensure that they would not get into the hands of the JetBrains guys.

Please do not fill my inbox with requests again. If you need it very badly, just post a request here only one. You agree to keep it private, should I decide to share it with you.

Ragnarok 08-26-2018 00:45

Please send me a copy @techlord. TQ

atom0s 08-26-2018 04:07

The method I posted above is already Google'able with ease, literally the first result. It is not private in slightest.
I'm sure if they want to kill it off, it'll be gone when they want it to be.

DavidXanatos 08-27-2018 04:30

@techlord Please send me a solution

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