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Gladiyator 09-03-2020 09:05

x86 Code Virtualizer (Code Obfuscator)
Today I am going to make one of my old projects publicly available for those who are interested to use it, the project is related to binary level obfuscation using virtual machine technology.

What I share for you :

Open-source and lite application to obfuscate binary codes and makes challenge for reverse engineers to understand code.

Features :

Protect and obfuscate sensitive area of code using virtual machine protection ( translation of byte-code to PCode and run them inside Virtual Machine ) Project has been writen in Microsoft VC++ & little pure asm code and uses BeaEngine as disassembler engine. It's not enough secure to use in commercial projects so try to learn how it works and make it better.

Supported x86 opcodes :


Mov,Call,Push,Pop,Jump,Inc,Add,Xor,Cmp,Shl,Shr,Not,Or,Sub,Conditional Jumps.
Source Code (Github) :



wilson bibe 09-04-2020 16:51

Seems to me a good tool to prevent reversing of some parts of the code where you make a patch, you have forecast to include X64 opcodes in your tool? It would be interesting to insert in the obfuscated code a text like this for example "cracked by....." this is only an idea.

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