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chessgod101 11-23-2020 00:56

One Time API Redirection Library in Delphi (x86)
This is a simple injectable library I created to redirect a specified API to execute code at a particular point in memory. I use it a lot for complicated protections in order to get my own code into the process memory.



The code use is simple. Simply modify the following CONST values to the API

CONST RedirAPI:AnsiString='YOURAPIHERE'; //api to be redirected
CONST DLLOFAPI:WideString='YOURDLLHERE.DLL'; //dll containing that api

You add your code to the DoYourStuff function.

I included a simple PatchMemoryByte function for your convenience.

Future Goals:
  • Create a library with x64 support.
  • Release my injection loader library after cleaning up the source code.

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