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infern0 03-19-2010 02:08

hid dongles emulation
Many modern dongles using HID mode to work. Anybody seen emulators, supporting this mode ?

FoxB 03-20-2010 23:31

yes, it simply. use the vusb-based one for starting...

Sh4DoVV 04-02-2013 09:09

May you tell me how to use vusb-based ?

Av0id 04-02-2013 14:32

it's zest of FoxB to send all rookies to vusb-based solutions, some kind of sarcasm or something likewise :) and this really mean to download half-working source code of old Chingachguk emulator and study it hard and code, code, code, code and code, then debug, debug, debug, debug and debug, and then and code, code, code, code and code, and then you get yours emulator

in other words there is no free solutions

Git 04-02-2013 19:12

I see you point A, but which of the two options teaches the most?.


FoxB 04-02-2013 19:55

@Av0id: my first hid dongle emulator based on hasp source. i re-write it from source code of the old Chingachguk emulator.
i use IRP Trace and USB Trace for study and next got solutions.

why any1 not want to use this way? can explain?

add: why any1 not ask the hasp srm source? similar non-free solutions.

Sh4DoVV 04-02-2013 21:41

Hi friend
I searched old Chingachguk emulator source but do not find anything
may you attach old Chingachguk emulator source ?

FoxB 04-02-2013 23:52

dont lazzy...

RU manual

use google translate to any other lang

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