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Zer0Flag 12-31-2013 23:06


###Version 0.1 beta 17
+ fixed a bug in the internal exception handler which could cause a termination on windows 8.1
+ fixed a bug which made patching jumps impossible
+ added option for "DebugSetProcessKillOnExit"
+ added option to load symbols from ms servers
+ added execute to selected line
+ added possibility to toggle eflags directly from context menu in the register view
+ improved internal PE file handling
+ improved copy to clipboard context menu

        - You can now copy multi lines to the clipboard using the context menu

mrsick 05-09-2014 05:39

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Nice !!

I did some tests, trying to attach to EMET agent x64 it crashes. :D

Another crash i get is when i attach to totalcmd x64, and try to list functions. It's empty but when i close the window it crash.

illmaR 06-19-2014 15:05

Will give it a try, thx!

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