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Rhodium 07-29-2003 13:48

Has anyone tried IDA 4.51?
This has nothing to do with warez. I am asking people who have either purchased it, or have had the chance to try it somehow.

I just want to know the advantages of having an integrated debugger, as opposed to using a seperate program like Softice or Ollydbg. The only advantage I can think of is that it will save time, but there must be other reasons.

dynio 07-29-2003 15:38

IDA 4.51
At the moment I'm usign IDA 4.3 and have only downloaded IDA 4.51 to read help file to discover what's new... I can tell You more in the next week when I'll install and work with it...
After reading new features I can tell You that's still the best DISASSEMBLER and a MUST HAVE TOOL if You're interested in reverse-engineering. To mention the reasons You're talking about i could fill up few screens full of text. Just download this prog and start to explore... You won't be disappointed... The PE-Debugger is very deep and efficient but only in specific cases. You should first try SoftIce, TRW, OllyDbg or Debuggy as your main debugger and then, if You're still And about SoftIce and OllyDbg - I'm using all these tools together and don't know why You would have to choose (only) one.


dynio 07-29-2003 15:44

IDA 4.51
Sorry for the mistypes....

I tried to wrote "(...) if You're still disappointed with these debuggers then start using IDA as a debugger... (...)".

Rhodium 07-29-2003 16:34

Do you have the full version or the demo?

dynio 07-29-2003 19:11

At the moment i'm using full IDA 4.3 (Zenith relase). Version 4.51, we're talking about, only demo. I haven't seen full relase with this number yet. Hope to search next week.

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