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henry_y 04-17-2004 15:59

Is NuMega continue SmartCheck? If not, is it produce similar tools?



Nilrem 04-17-2004 19:00

Well as far as I know NuMega were taken over? You can't get smartcheck (not standalone) off there site, if you want it, get it from the ftp.

volodya 04-18-2004 00:43

Well, SC line has been finished. Now it is DevPartner for VisualBasic. I have 7.1 version. If you want, I could upload it to ftp if neccesary. Then Tom could create FlexLm lic for the proggy...

henry_y 04-20-2004 13:23

DevPartner for VB
So, DevPartner for VB is the next generation of SC.
Well, u can upload it if u dont mind, i think somebody is lookin for it. For now, i'll stay with SC. Tx guys!



WobblyBottom 04-21-2004 04:12

D£[email protected] v7.o.2 is here:


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