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bLaCk-eye 05-22-2014 05:02

Last 5 years in reverse-engineering
If a reverse-engineer was in a coma for the last 5 years how would you describe to him the current state of things, compared to 2009?

What significant events, tools, people, groups, etc had the most influence ?


DMichael 05-22-2014 12:39

i think Aguila,Mr.eXodia,Olleh bring to us most important tools :
ollydbg 2.01

im sure there more but its just my opinion and taste unfortantly LZ0 have left the reveresing scene and im sure not only they so it get worse than 2009

giv 05-22-2014 13:56

I know reversing from back the 1999
The last 5 years have been the same.
With some tools +/- the reversing is the same.
Maybe the future will port us on another area like mobile devices etc.
Who knows....???

JohnSmith 05-28-2014 01:06

i agree with giv. Mobile aplication cracking will be more popular in the future.
Also there are lots of tools waiting to be updated.

Loki 05-28-2014 16:17

To be honest, packer/protector wise there has been little innovation.

.NET protection has improved since 2009, but then so have the tools to deal with it. Themida/Winlicense/VirtualProtect with proper SDK use are still probably the hardest out there for native apps but hardly unbeatable.

Some nice tools appearing in the Java areas too if that interests.

marrom79 05-28-2014 17:38

protector for Java? How does that work?

Codeman 05-28-2014 19:43

nothing changed much. but I think we need an uptaded delphi decompiler tool.

gabri3l 06-08-2014 20:54

As a reverser who has been out of the scene for quite a few years; I have found the time and opportunity to do some quiet reading and learning. I will tell you that from then to now, not all of it comes back to you so fast. :)

Here are my observations from then to now:
x64 is much more common now. This is evident in the tools being currently developed. As a side note, I have to say I am very impressed with the progress of x64_DBG

Personally, the server/client/cloud model is popular changing the paradigm of reversing. This means as reversers there is going to be a larger portion of knowledge dedicated to networking, protocols, and software communication in general.

Mobile has also become big in the past 5 years. There is some fantastic information out there addressing mobile reversing. But this is another area that will continue to develop and I watch it with interest.

Malware/Virus protection becoming enforced in the OS has influenced the way programs operate during execution. This has slightly increased the complexity of the way we reversed program execution and memory 5 years ago.

Personally as I have been studying and learning again, I am very impressed with the direction reversing has taken in 5 years. The quality of information that is available continues to grow and this community that I am proud to be a part of still remains curious! I am glad to still see some familiar names still around pushing the bounds of our understanding and the new names making a strong influence. :)

sendersu 06-08-2014 21:42


Originally Posted by Codeman (Post 91641)
nothing changed much. but I think we need an uptaded delphi decompiler tool.

check out the IDR (Interactive Delphi Reconstructor) by crypto

Shub-Nigurrath 06-09-2014 04:42

unbelievable, gabri3l, still hanging around!!

benina 06-09-2014 15:15

I think : In the future, Mobile Aplication Reversing will hot

Mahmoudnia 06-09-2014 17:51

Cross-Platform reverse engineering and malware analysis are special Topics in future

bolo2002 06-09-2014 23:50


Originally Posted by Shub-Nigurrath (Post 91916)
unbelievable, gabri3l, still hanging around!!

that's what i've thought when reading his post ;)

gabri3l 06-10-2014 07:06

I usually just stop through to reminisce.
But I have been able to find more time recently so I have been playing catch up and learning again. I remain quiet as I have little to actually contribute though at this time; outside of making observations of how reversing has progressed. :)

dj-siba 06-10-2014 17:01

Near future: Multi-platform, Malware, 64bits, WebApp & Mobile.

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