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iscode 12-14-2014 22:35

Numega Smartcheck on 64 bit
I am using windows 64 bit and Numega Smartcheck 6.2 refuse to work.
How can I solve this issue?

nikre 12-14-2014 23:29

perhaps working on x64 win xp ?
which error ?

iscode 12-14-2014 23:46

I am using Windows 7
When I load a exe program inside and hit start the error is:
The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000005)

iscode 12-15-2014 00:09

Maybe I need to ajust something in Settings?

nikre 12-15-2014 00:25

think only work on win xp

iscode 12-15-2014 00:46

Can you recomend a program for windows 7 64 bit that gives similar result as Smartcheck?

The Old Pirate 12-15-2014 18:37

Why not run it under VMware or XP mode?

iscode 12-15-2014 20:44

That was two excellent ideas The Old Pirate!!!
I tried XP Mode and Smartcheck and it worked without problem, I will look at VMware later and compare if it would be any better choice.

nikre 12-25-2014 00:28

this is the first thing you should do
before posting here

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