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mrfearless 09-01-2018 00:50

Mainly for anyone using asm and interested in custom controls or adding more functionality to their projects, I recently began work in porting over, adapting and adding to DrawHTML code from Ukkie9: https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/7936/DrawHTML

I created two functions: DrawHTMLCODE and DrawBBCODE that processes html or bbcode tags in a string and adjusts the text and font style accordingly and outputs the result as per DrawText or DrawTextEx win32 api functions, but with the added enhancements.

So far some tags are supported, not all. Mainly ones that are more common in use, or made sense to include.

Anyhow I have put the code on github for anyone to use.


smallfox 09-15-2018 11:10

interesting approach! love the code :)

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