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mr.exodia 05-16-2017 03:28

Set up your own EXETOOLS proxy

Because I cannot access EXETOOLS from my home IP I had to find other methods to connect to the website. I had a separate Linux box with a dedicated IP laying around so I set up a simple proxy with nginx.

1. Create a file like "exetools_proxy" in your "/etc/nginx/sites-enabled" folder with the following contents (also remember to restart nginx):


server {
    listen 80;
    server_name forum.exetools.com;

    location / {
        proxy_pass http://forum.exetools.com;

2. Put an entry in your hosts file with your server IP: forum.exetools.com

3. (Possibly) enjoy being able to use the forum again.

Just a quick warning, this obviously doesn't work with HTTPS but it helps me a great deal in connecting here when the site is working. Probably someone with more skills can make this work over HTTPS with a custom domain but this should be fine.

an0rma1 05-20-2017 03:51

[email protected] Do you mean your linux is out of your home? . Or do you connect to internet with the same connection. If so, external ip is the same?

mr.exodia 05-20-2017 20:17

No, the IP is obviously not the same :)

chicknsoup 05-21-2017 22:11

Or you can enable ssh and use bitvise to make it a socks/http proxy


Kerlingen 05-22-2017 03:00

Remember, exetools is located inside the People's Republic of China. Every connection between China and "not-China" has to pass through the "Great Firewall of China". And that thing really doesn't like things it can't inspect (like encrypted connections) or anything which even remotely looks like a proxy.

Anything which is available to the public (paid VPNs, open proxys, ...) or using public protocols (SSL, SSH, SOCKS, ...) will be detected within hours and answered by >90% package loss. It will even detect a selfmade proxy if you use it for every website.

silver 05-22-2017 20:22

In fact HTTPS proxy is not really impossible, as long as you want to build a personal CA and sign a cert for yourself. This can be more useful if you want your reverse-proxy site is personal - just use client-side cert.

As for the wall, I recommend you using at least two servers between you and the site(if u r not in china). Speed and ping will be better once you found out a right one, and configured them correctly.

niculaita 05-23-2017 22:18

I recomand www.ipcop.org and www.pfsense.org

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