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Jasi2169 07-11-2019 01:51

many countries proxies are banned
I cant connect to exetools from all americas or europe IPs, even i tried Indian IP it sometimes work sometimes dont, hong kong and some close to Chinese proxies work

Are you guys also facing this issue?

You guys should write which location exetools will open fine so we may switch to that

Giotis 07-11-2019 03:26

Europe IPs work fine, tested and working from multiple countries for sure

Chr155Y 07-11-2019 07:54

I am having the same problem from the past month. I am not able to login with my US IP address . Initially I thought the forum was down. Then I found that I needed to use a proxy to access the site!

Many US and Europe IPs seem to be blocked.

Git 07-11-2019 16:34

> Many US and Europe IPs seem to be blocked.

Where do you get that from


zeuscane 07-11-2019 16:38

Italy IPs work fine.


Jasi2169 07-11-2019 16:55

Good news is that asia specific IPs work fine ,if you guys get issue use myanmar,bhutan,nepal,srilanka,hong kong,Malaysia,Singapore,india etc

US,Canada is blocked as hell

Chr155Y 07-12-2019 12:03


Originally Posted by Git (Post 117666)
> Many US and Europe IPs seem to be blocked.

Where do you get that from


Well, my US IP address didn't work (and still doesn't). I'd assumed that the site was down. Only after someone mentioned that the forum was online on tuts4you, did I try to login with a proxy and it worked.

Right now I am using TOR to access the site.

I agree with @Jasi2169 that all the North America and several European IPs do not work. When we attempt to connect from those IPs, our connection is silently dropped.

Hope the admins would look into this and solve it soon.

klvgen 08-08-2019 06:25

Via direct connection (EU IP) I am getting much website lag (partially loading, or cloudflare giving 502)

arthur plank 09-01-2019 22:20

A while ago I had terrible troubles connection from the UK, but it has been consistently good for a number of months now.

klvgen 09-05-2019 21:18

Some months before, it was exetools with slow connection. Now everything seems to be OK (means its upto your connection)

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