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ahmadmansoor 04-17-2014 23:53

but it support ramdisks too !!!! and network devices too .....
Lol did I miss something :rolleyes: ???
check this movie ,can u be online ?


Insid3Code 04-18-2014 01:51

1 Attachment(s)

@Insid3code: please try this 'fix' the only problem I could think of was something with virtual devices, but I just cannot reproduce the bug here. https://mega.co.nz/#!H5xlDBqb!j8cRrh3r4a89vXr00yPf_jYI5Oq7Cwx5H_7dSiyCm64
Unfortunately, I had the same bug!

It works fine on my tests.

Flash movie attached...

mr.exodia 04-18-2014 02:28

@insid3code: so this works right now? https://mega.co.nz/#!Px4mhDiY!-cT-rQwjMuZtTWQtKpEjzPChFvCuh-W2NSu_qnYBk6E


Carbon 04-18-2014 03:07

If you want to produce an path error, try this tool:

Create an encrypted folder, mount the folder and start an executable inside this folder.

mr.exodia 04-18-2014 03:12

sorry for spamming with crap, but this should really work: https://mega.co.nz/#!6953UB7R!lpC5rAzrHzqjJFIoWw1HlNaqyfEG8lanfl149aWLcjE

Insid3Code 04-18-2014 17:49

@mr.exodia: Latest fix works fine now...

Sir.V65j 04-24-2014 12:10

is "x64dbg.com" down for everyone? or it's my internet error?

DMichael 04-24-2014 12:45


Originally Posted by Sir.V65j (Post 91014)
is "x64dbg.com" down for everyone? or it's my internet error?

if the domain is down you can access directly to the repostery:

mr.exodia 04-24-2014 17:11

Domain appears to be up again.

mr.exodia 04-28-2014 09:51

V1.5ALPHA is released!

- added debug privilege option (TitanEngine)
- fixed a bug with GetFileNameFromHandle ('error starting process (invalid pe?)')
- fixed a bug with attaching to an x32 process from the x64 debugger
- added 'detach' command
- added twords,dqwords,ywords and zwords
- added a menu API for plugins
- movable tabs
- detachable tabs (for example to place a tab on a second screen)
- fixed a bug with [esp]=4 (valtostring)
- fixed a lot of bugs with scripts
- removed result display of the mov instruction
- press enter on a script jump to get to the destination
- basic script syntax highlighting
- added RVA view in disassembly (double click on the address)
- double click on the opcodes to toggle breakpoints
- double click on the disassembly to assemble
- double clikc on the comments to comment
- fixed an annoying bug with searching for referenced strings
- when you use '-1' in the ExceptionRangeDialog it will use 'FFFFFFFF' instead
- better documentation
- added a simple 'find' command for scripts
- added find references to an address (ctrl+r)



Mr. eXoDia

besoeso 04-29-2014 21:57

Very good friend, i let me suggest you a feature very interesting, it is intermodular calls.

A greeting.

mr.exodia 05-14-2014 04:41

@beseoso: it's on the todo list, thanks :)

V1.6ALPHA is out!

This version is actually to be compatible with ScyllaHide, so many asked things are not yet implemented.

- search for menu in disassembly context menu
- 'ready' instead of 'terminated' on start
- selection API
- updated find, strref and reffind commands
- strings in the stack
- follow in dump/disasm/stack in stack context menu
- force default alignment in SDK
- section names in memory map
- bring debugger to front when paused
- fixed a bug with the '=' sign
- added a line edit window api
- updated TitanEngine (fixes some handle leaks and maybe hanging bugs)


Online Help:

Source Repository:


Mr. eXoDia

quygia128 05-14-2014 13:30

@Mr.eXodia: i have get a bug with assemble on jump and call command(jnz->jz, jx->jmp, call address), but its work on call register(rcx,rax...)


mr.exodia 05-14-2014 22:54


yes, this bug has been reported various times, I will include this in the limitations.


mr.exodia 06-02-2014 16:47

V1.7ALPHA is out!

- some help updates
- added version information to file
- detach using right click -> detach on the tab you want to detach
- fixed a bug when searching for strings twice (search didn't work)
- fixd a crash on loading an empty script
- fixed a potential overflow while escaping a debug string
- escape the section names from the memory map
- better pattern finder
- added command auto-completion (includes plugin commands)
- removed an annoying log message on clicking a plugin menu
- fixed bugs in GuiSelectionGet & GuiSelectionSet (thanks to ahmadmansoor)
- added commandline support (x64_dbg.exe "c:\program files\test.exe")
- fixed a bug in modbasefromname (thanks to Artic!)
- added status bar API
- added bpdll command
- fixed a bug in DeviceNameResolver
- fixed various bugs in TitanEngine
- fixed a bug with manual functions in the GUI
- added various bridge exports



Mr. eXoDia

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