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CodeCracker 02-24-2017 15:53

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vmenum - Java Stack Enumerate and print system properties
It is a java console program, execute it by java -jar VMEnum.jar
will dispaly java stack trace of select process and its system properties.
When you compile the source it require a jar reference (java path) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_25\lib\tools.jar,
when you execute the compiled jar will try to get the tools.jar path and at it to java class path,
ofcourse if you have jdk installed (it is a must).
Only tested with jdk1.7.0_25.

VodoleY 04-02-2017 13:28

Can you reupload plz?

FoxB 04-02-2017 14:33

@VodoleY: here

Mkz 04-03-2017 22:42

Perhaps I'm missing something, but all this (and much more) can be obtained with several binaries provided by the JDK itself:
  1. jcmd -l (or jps)
    Lists all local java processes that you can control with the rest of the commands
  2. jcmd <pid> help
    Lists all commands accepted by the target java process
  3. jinfo -sysprops <pid>
    Lists system properties for that process (-flags also available)
  4. jstack <pid>
    Fetches the thread stack traces for the process
  5. jcmd <pid> JFR.start ...
    Example of one of the commands to apply to a process (start recording info for performance tuning)
The list goes on and on.

CodeCracker 04-04-2017 02:32

Yes, it can be done by JDK, the source code is from JDK.
I usually use jvisualvm for that task.
The intend was to do it programmatically, (maybe change some stuffs)
this is why I included source code.

Mkz 04-04-2017 16:58


Originally Posted by CodeCracker (Post 108957)
The intend was to do it programmatically, (maybe change some stuffs)

Ah, ok, in that case then it makes sense to provide source code and examples.

sirius 07-06-2017 17:38

Why I can't download from the forum ?

Debugger 07-07-2017 19:55


Originally Posted by sirius (Post 109732)
Why I can't download from the forum ?

You haven't obviously read rules. Just click on forum rules red link in navigation. or go to following thread.


It looks like you've already received infraction from Aaron. Mod please delete post if it felt unnecessary.

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