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XCURSiON 09-30-2002 07:08

Tools Tools Tools!!!
Well if you all want sometools of our kind and maybe help take someload off the ftp server visit hxxp://www.proshare.cjb.net we have all new stuff and add stuff often it aint direct downloads but uses edonkey network which is reliable if you need any help let me know I will be glad to help you get up and running I recommend you use emule hxxp://sourceforge.net/projects/emule instead of edonkey2000 Thanks

The_Philosopher 10-04-2002 18:04

I d/l emule, run it and associate ed2k with it. But when i click on ed2k link, i get only error. Try this in Opera, Netscape 7 and IE. Nothing works. I try to manually add this link, but again only errors. Can you give me the format of ed2k link? Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?


XCURSiON 10-05-2002 02:41

the format is ed2k://|file|name and extension here wit no spaces|size goes her|hash goes here| I had the same problems with 20a myself I still use 19a works fine for me let me know you need anymore help

The_Philosopher 10-05-2002 17:14

I have 20a too, and still have problems. Links still won't work. Not from Opera, Netscape, IE. When i copy link from any of this browsers and then paste it, i receive this error: 'Invalid link: This ed2k link is invalid (not a well formed ed2k link)'. Then i go to search. When i find and then want to d/l something, this is simply impossible.


XCURSiON 10-06-2002 10:24

I used 19a but 20b just came out and is better use it and when you copy and paste make sure there isnt a following / ie ed2k://|file|cracking.rar|45646|4564654|/ make sure the link looks like this

PHP Code:


The_Philosopher 10-06-2002 16:27

I d/l latest 20b and (for) now linking works ok. Thank you. But i still can't d/l what i want. :(
On what server you are?


XCURSiON 10-06-2002 16:31

excatly what release are you looking for?

The_Philosopher 10-06-2002 17:05

Yours IDA Pro v4.17. But i am little confused. I used search for this and find about 6 or 7 results. And i see one called IDA pro 4.17 but it is 24MB. Yours is 12.7MB How?


XCURSiON 10-06-2002 17:28

I have reshared these just in case and remember emule wont download like a http download it will take some time

Z1024 04-27-2004 01:59

emule is great!
I personally donloaded lots of ebooks, even some small utils with it.
Some programming & reversing stuff is also available.
The only disadvantage is that dl speed is usually low especially if the file is rare. Also I dunno how it works with dialup. And one more thing - it should be on all the time if you want your files asap since it often just waits for the file to become available.

Katrin 04-27-2004 02:55

Hard to get files? Try shareaza.
If you got troubles to get files that have an inefficient low number of sources you should also try shareaza. Combines several p2p technologies so it stands in fact for 4 types of p2p clients. Emule and shareaza then can be run simultaneously. I experienced a quicker download of those files with brakes in the shareaza community.

3ch0 04-27-2004 13:20

site not found!
404 error,tripod now this :D :)

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