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user1 09-25-2018 22:54


May I ask an anti-debug loader memory patches feature request using Scylla hide or Titan hide existing plugins?

Agmcz 09-29-2018 19:25


Originally Posted by tonyweb (Post 114874)

I have a question, if you don't mind. Is there an example of multi-files search & replace patcher? I'm trying to create one but I'm failing. :(
There are tutorials videos on the site AT4RE
The site will return to work soon.


I chose *.* as filename but, once created and launched in a folder, it keeps telling me it can't find the file (Error: can not access the file!).
Added also a "target path" step with an hard-coded directory path but it still refuses to work. What am I missing? Any hint?
You cant use *.* for current version, leave it empty maybe work
anyway, next version 0.7.7 will fix that.


Originally Posted by user1 (Post 114908)

May I ask an anti-debug loader memory patches feature request using Scylla hide or Titan hide existing plugins?

I will try to add what you have requested in the near future.

user1 09-30-2018 00:58

maybe some timing feature, useful in some enveloped targets, to inject memory data after envelope is unpacked.
anyway without anti anti debug very hard do such a loader.,
only way is code a custom solution.....

Apuromafo 03-14-2019 23:08

at4re was moved to.net


password in comment

luki 04-28-2019 01:37

Is there any chance for this project to go opensource? :)

dj-siba 05-23-2019 17:54


Originally Posted by luki (Post 116981)
Is there any chance for this project to go opensource? :)

Why ? is there any feature you like and not present in current version ?

phroyt 06-29-2019 18:36

Yep, I have one:

Wait until some bytes in memory are changed.
Like wait for the first windows.

After that, trigger the patcher.

Would be very usefull to deal with nasty unpackers.

eLmer fL0x 07-10-2019 20:47

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Jasi2169 (Post 111698)
Its still buggy

Atleast on my Windows 10 Enterprise x64

0.6.3 <- all working fine


Softname : cant be fetched when compile the patch
The above error is :- resource cant be fetched means doesnot exist (LastErr ERROR_RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_FOUND (00000716))
Msgbox : always null,no message inside
NFO file : it has option to embedd the NFO file to patch,i did but no option to display the nfo file from the patch ? no option ?

hope someone can conveys the errors to creators,as i see at4re team official website is down,hope everything is fine

I think I have similar issue. I cannot save my project, always getting error message without any text. So I patched the patcher in attempt to fix the problem. Here is the patched exe, I'm still not sure what is exactly the root cause of the issue, but I think it is something related to the datetime. With the modified exe I can successfully save my work. It is latest version 0.7.6.

Jasi2169 07-25-2019 17:56

BUG SPOTTED :- v0.7.6

patcher will exit when you use Hosts Patch and the hosts file is read only in /etc/hosts

fix :- check file attributes of hosts file and if read only make it read/write and patch and then make read only

Jasi2169 07-25-2019 23:48

another fix should be to add horizontal scroll bar on release information, because the text of far right cant be seen cuz no scroll bar but vertical can be used but still far right text gets cut

Jasi2169 07-28-2019 17:26

Another improvement : attach file shud get execute command with admin access, so for example we can attach bat file and run cmd.exe with elevation and then bat file can much work

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