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Storm Shadow 06-02-2014 04:45

[Python][Ida Pro]Free the debuggers
I always hated that the debuggers are limited to spesific Processors in ida pro.

if anyone is willing to test to see if it works.

Bring Debugger Support for all Prossesors in IDA PRO

Put File In procs folder, and it should autoload.


import sys
import idaapi
from idaapi import *
import idc
from idc import  *

class plugin_t():

##'lets give this baby some debuggers'''
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("windbg_user.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("armlinux_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("gdb_user.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("linux_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("mac_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("win32_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("win32_user.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("wince_stub.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("bdescr.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("fentanyl.py", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("epoc_user", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("deci3dbg.plw", 0)
    idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("deci3dbg.p64", 0)
    idc.LoadDebugger("gdb", 1)

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
def Plugin_ENTRY():
  return plugin_t()

print "Finally We Are Free At Last"



Storm Shadow 06-03-2014 01:38

i have tested it
and it does work

just quote out the


idaapi.load_and_run_plugin("fentanyl.py", 0)
its my patcher plugin i wanted to autoload. :)

One asked me why is this usefull?

Well im normally deal with PPU PowerPC files with embedded SPU files.
alot like exe and dll's.

ida dont give the option to select any debuggers at all when selecting SPU prossesor, but gives it when using PPC.
I recon there is a reason they left that out in SPU, (IBM) :mad:but anyway.
I can now select and use gdbserver to connect via WMware and debug.
So its more a help to bring them to the front, and then others can write there own stuff to connect to therye spesific targets.

Storm Shadow 08-20-2014 05:28

New version working flawless on all versions.
Put the py in the plugin folder.

Also example why you would want it.
Debugger extension i made

Storm Shadow 08-24-2014 19:10

added suport for x64 debuggers version of ida


leetone 08-25-2014 13:13

What does your fentanyl plugin do? That is a very curious name :)

Storm Shadow 08-25-2014 13:52


Originally Posted by leetone (Post 94067)
What does your fentanyl plugin do? That is a very curious name :)

The fenatyl plugin is a patcher that i didnt made, i have since removed the extra plugins, so its intirelly debuggers now.
You can check the latest version on github.

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