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swlepus 11-24-2011 11:24

About Reprise License Manager
Is there a keygen like lmkg for FlexLM to generate License Keys for RLM SDK?:confused:

sendersu 11-27-2011 00:21

Very funny, was that a joke, mate?
only patching of used key inside sw is the way
or maybe you have a quantum computer to calculate the privkey? :)

swlepus 11-27-2011 07:15

thanks buddy, you mean it is possible to patch the Reprise's pubkey in the SDK, so we can generate our own license_to_run.h, then delivery it and use it as normal?

for example, we can got some like this after patching:

/* ISV: mytest */

"1-dec-2028 \
sig=\"c2S2... ...id3B\""

#define RLM_ISV_NAME "mytest"

/* License Key Checksum: 000xxx */

BTW, for FlexLM, it is possible to brute force the key, if you choose SIGN 113.

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