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dosprog 03-26-2018 11:54

mnemodll.dll - 16/32-bit disasm engine library for WIN32.
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mnemodll.dll (c).SVD.,2000,2018

It's 16/32-bit disasm engine library (DLL) for WIN32.

Examples of usage with C/Asm included.
(See attachment)

Bugreports are welcomed

dosprog 03-28-2018 11:34

)) Heh..
Example on C works Ok, but contains a small mistake in declaration of structure:

File mnemodlll.h, Line 4:


Must be:


This causes compiler *warning* message while compiling the example.

Jupiter 04-11-2018 20:05

What about sources or at least static .lib version?
Current DLL release is packed (PE Compact?) and it's even worse than missing sources.

Option to strip leading zero in mnemonic like "cmp cl,008" to disasm in "cmp cl,8"

dosprog 04-13-2018 06:30

About format of integers:
Library uses very simple bin->hex converter with fixed format of output.
Thus bin byte converted into 3-char string 0zz,
word into 5-char string 0zzZZ,
dword into 0zzZZzzZZ.
This is done specifically, for the convenience of reading the disassembler listing.

For example,


@100048BE:80F908 cmp cl,008
@100048C3:B908000000 mov ecx,000000008
But the resulting string can be postprocessed by the caller
with removing the leading zeros of numbers or adding suffixes "h" to them.


Originally Posted by Jupiter (Post 113010)
PE Compact?



Originally Posted by Jupiter (Post 113010)
at least static .lib version?

There are all kinds of plans.
In this thread, there is no point in hurrying, it has become obsolete over twenty years ago.

Now such a library should have the option "x64", but I still do not take it, time is not enough.

I used this library a couple of times, - the project for which it was preparing, did not go ..

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